Guy drinking 2 glasses of beer a day and the shocking outcomes

After only one month of testing two glasses of beer a day, the young man ended up with many health problems. Let’s see!

A guy with A-level health condition, no bad habits and only occasional drinkings on some special events decided to take part in a research conducted by Brightside.

The test required the healthy young man to drink 02 glasses of beer a day (instead of 4 days a week like the doctor’s advices) for a month. After 30 days, experts have examined the changes on his body, and the outcomes have made many people startled.

Week 1

He started to have frequent headaches which had never happened before. The man took photographs of his own face every day to record the changes. As can be seen in the picture, his face is slightly swollen, and dark circles appear under his eyes. His skin has got worse also.

The man's face changed after only a month drinking beer continuously.

Week 2

Going to sleep and waking up seemed to be 100 times harder than before. It took him at least 40 minutes to start sleeping, and despite the continuously ringing alarm, it was really difficult to wake up on time the next morning. Moreover, the guy needed about an hour together with a cup of thick coffee to get ready for work.

Getting up in the morning became a problem to him.

Week 3

The guy’s colleagues realized that he was becoming bad-tempered. He also noticed that his ability to focus and his performance at work decreased observably. Previously, he could work continuously for 4 hours without any sluggishness, but after 3 weeks of testing, he needed a break after every hour.

Previously, he could work 4 hours continuously, but after the test, he had to relax every hour.

Week 4

He had had a good habit of jogging every early morning, and he tried to maintain it during the test. However, the regular exercise became more and more challenging for him. Before that, running about 11km each morning used to be a piece of cake, but after the test, the distance has been reduced to a half, and the man had to make a huge effort to finish it.

In particular, despite not giving up the exercise routine, the guy could easily realize that he has put on weight, and his belly has got bigger remarkably.

The young man's weight and belly have obviously increased.

This test proves that, although two glasses of beer is not much, but if we drink that much regularly every day, it will lead to a lot of negative health problems. Beer is lighter and it has less harmful effects compared to alcohol, so it is not difficult to imagine how dangerous it might be if we keep drinking too much alcohol. Therefore, you are advised to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

By: Chris Stewart

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