Great benefits of drinking 1 cup of pineapple juice per day

Pineapple juice brings many benefits that all women wish such as detoxification, and helping lose weight.

Many people like to eat pineapple because it has great taste. However, if you say that this tropical fruit is particularly beneficial for health like detoxification, and helping lose weight, many people will be very surprised. It offers a variety of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin C, manganese, copper and folate...

In addition, pineapple is the only fruit that contains bromelain which is extremely healthful in improving immune function, preventing cancer, accelerating wound healing, and improving digestion. Scientists believe that this compound can break down proteins in the bloodstream, thereby reducing inflammation and reducing pain in the body. Bromelain can also protect your joints from the effects of free radicals.


Besides, pineapple contains a variety of antioxidants and is also considered as anti-cancer fruit. As for women, pineapple is beneficial for the skin, especially with the skin and muscles around the chest. It is reported that one glass of sugar-free pineapple juice might give you about 130 calories, 33mg of calcium and 30mg of magnesium. In addition, it also provides 25mg of vitamin C - 30% of recommended daily allowance for women (75mg) and over 25% for men (90mg).

Women are advised to only consume pineapple daily as they can help reduce weight, burn fat, fight wrinkles and reverse other signs of aging process. Pineapples are best consumed when being fresh, but you can also use dried, or canned pineapples.

Some other great health benefits of pineapple juice:

1. Enhance energy

Vitamin B6 and thiamin, which is a ‘member’ of the vitamin B group, are found in pineapple juice. Vitamin B6 works to stabilize sugar and energy, and thiamine helps convert carbohydrates into energy, which boosts the body's immune system.


2. Good for the kidneys

Potassium - a nutrient found in pineapple juice will help boost the kidney function of your body.

3. Support digestive system

Bromelain and turmeric can help the body break down proteins, which helps your body digest foods much better.

4. Act as natural antioxidants

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and it is abundant in pineapple juice. Therefore, drinking this type of juice can help boost the body's immune system.

5. Maintain normal blood sugar 

Pineapple juice plays an important role in converting blood sugar into energy, thereby also stabilizing blood sugar.

6. Get rid of a sore throat

Bromelain found in pineapple also helps relieve sore throat, so if you have a sore throat, drinking pineapple juice is a good idea. It can also be used to relieve cold symptoms as well as asthma.

7. Good for skin

Pineapple juice works in different ways, such as treating acne, healing the wound quickly... The process of collagen synthesis in pineapple will help skin look smooth and youthful. The shortage of collagen is one of the main causes of rapid skin aging process.


Pineapple juice is sweet and tasty, but if being consumed in large quantities, you may experience some side effects such as vomiting, or diarrhea.

By: Hilary Brown

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