Girl losing weight to take revenge on boyfriend

'He knew my ring size, so when I questioned why he had brought me a ring that was too small. He responded, "You can wear it when you lose weight."

Chloe Cooper, 23, living in Undy, South Wales, used to be continuously ridiculed by her boyfriend for her oversized body. However, everything has changed when this mean boyfriend bought her a wedding ring and jokingly said, 'You can wear it when you lose weight.' 


As expected, Chloe’s weight loss campaign succeeded. However, not only did Chloe throw away unpleasant fat on her body, but she also kicked her boyfriend out for making fun of her body all the time. 

It is revealed that the girl previously weighed 15 stone 7 lbs. From the age of 16, she and her ex-boyfriend met. Although both of them pursue long-term love, the boy always liked to laugh at Chloe's weight. 


One day, Chloe suggested that if they could get married then. Instead of doing romantic things, Chloe's boyfriend deliberately bought the smallest ring for her. 

'When he gave me the ring I couldn't even get it over my knuckle. He knew my ring size, so when I questioned why he had brought me a ring that was too small he said, "You can wear it when you lose weight."' Chloe continued: 'Looking back now I know he was putting his many insecurities on me.' She recalled. 


Chloe added that, at the beginning, she was not that overweight. However, her ex-boyfriend constantly encouraged her to eat a lot so as to get rid of flirtations from other boys. But when Chloe got fat as he wished, he felt ashamed of her appearance. 

Shocked by her former boyfriend’s attitude, Chloe decided to break up with him and determined to gain back her previous body shape. Chloe went to the gym, but there, she did not expect that she would meet Ashley, who would love and become her fiancé.


At the gym, Chloe and Ashley exercised hard. They talked and shared about their lives with each other. Ashley inspired Chloe a lot, adding to Chloe's strong belief that her body would be perfect someday. 


After a few months, Chloe lost 4.5 stone. She said: “I never thought I would be lifting heavy weights, but now I absolutely love it.” At present, she has also changed her eating habit. Chloe cut out fast foods, sweet foods and chocolate from her diet and got used to healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and high-fiber foods.


So, after huge efforts, Chloe finally has a wonderful life with her recent fiancé. Now, they are happily living in Undy, South Wales.

By: Jason Parker

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