Eating dinner late causes sudden damages to the body

Modern life with busy work makes it easy for you to have dinner late at night. However, it is unfortunate that the disease is transmitted to your body.

Weight gain


One of the most negative effects on the body when you eat dinner late is the risk of gaining weight. Because the time of eating is close to sleeping time, the digestive system will work very hard, even without digesting food, it is time to sleep. Therefore, calories are not burned out, stagnation causes obesity.

If you try to lose weight, you should eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. If you are hungry, choose low-fat foods and calories, vegetables and fruit.

Stomach diseases


A study by researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan found that 38.4% of people had gastric cancer if they ate too late. The cause is that the life expectancy of tissue is very short and is usually replaced every 2-3 days. This process mainly takes place at night. If you shorten this process, the stomach mucosa is affected and increases the risk of cancer.

Affecting sleep


Of course, getting your stomach to work too hard at bedtime will make your sleep not so full. You will even wake up at night more often. Dinner with sweet or fried foods is worse. It is best to drink a glass of hot milk or chrysanthemum tea before going to bed for 30 minutes to help you sleep better.

Casual accident

It sounds ridiculous, but it really is. If you eat late, it will reduce blood sugar levels and damage the functions of the brain. This will even cause a drop in blood pressure and make you blush on your face, not awake enough when you are on the road.

Risk of stroke


A study at the European Public Health Association's annual meeting found that eating dinner late was more likely to lead to stroke. Make sure you eat at least 60-70 minutes before bedtime and the risk of stroke will be reduced to 66%.

Risk of kidney stones


The fact that you eat late at night and go to bed is extremely harmful to the kidneys. The kidneys excrete urine and discharge calcium from the body after 4-5 hours. If you go to bed immediately, the amount of calcium in the urine will not be released, so accumulation will gradually reach the kidney stones.

Healthy dinner time is between 18:00 and 21:00 and the best time is 18:30. If you eat late, try to finish dinner before 22:00. Also, say “no” to midnight snacks, as they will ruin your weight loss plan.

By: Stephan Swift

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