Body parts that are most prone to aging

Aging is an obsession for many people, and it can be easily identified through strange signs on the body.

1. Hands

One of the body parts that are most prone to aging is the hands because, over time, the hormone in your body changes and at the same time, the body loses its elasticity because it has to work at full capacity. Continuously, the hands become wrinkled, blood vessels gradually become clear.

If the hands are properly cared for and protected, the signs of aging will be lessened, and dark spots will not appear.

2. Neck

Many people make the mistake of wearing sunscreen only on their face, but they do not know that the neck is one of the parts that are most prone to aging in the body.

And one of the main culprits of aging skin around the neck is the intense action of harmful ultraviolet rays. Frequently leaving the skin exposed to sunlight makes it more likely to be coarse, black and wrinkled... In particular, this is also the area affected by continuous action of the muscles as we rotate the neck, so the risk of aging is understandable.


3. Breasts/chest

The reality is that since the age of 25, breast/chest is the part with most recognizable signs of aging when the organizations and adipose tissues of the breast begin to decline, causing them to sag, losing elasticity...

Therefore, it is necessary to give up thinking that the breasts/chest area is covered all day long so it is not necessary to take care of it.

4. Lips

Do you know that frequent use of lipstick is the cause of early aging in the lips? And it can be seen that this part is not always taken care of, and can be easily affected directly by the sun.


5. Feet

Frequently walking or wearing high heels are the factors that lead to the aging of the feet that you need to know. Moreover, the feet are the body part that carries the weight of the whole body, so they are more prone to aging than other parts.

6. Elbows and knees

These are the two parts that contain the least amount of fat in the body and are the parts that are most often affected by moving without receiving much care from their owners.

Bad habits such as crawling, kneeling on the rough, solid surface always hurt the skin of elbows and knees, resulting in more wrinkles and darker color than before.


7. Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive body part that is very vulnerable or aging. When you turn 25, your vision will decrease significantly.

Regular exposing to sunlight without the shielding of protective glasses or continuous contacting contaminated environments also causes you to age quickly. Some of the signs of aging in the eye are blurred vision, eyestrain, or dry eye... In the long run, you might find many other dangerous diseases.




By: Vivian Cooper

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