A dog can improve your sleep more than you know

In addition to being a close and loyal friend, your dog also has the ability to enhance your sleep quality.

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding the act of letting a dog sleeping in the bed, the idea of cuddling dogs while sleeping is something any dog lover has always thought of. In addition, according to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings formed by 40 adults sleeping with dogs in bed or other places in the bedroom, sleep quality will much higher with the help of this animal.


Dogs bring both the sense of security

Dogs can be extremely excellent "personal guard" for you. With their super-sensitive nose and ears, these passionate animals will be the first to recognize some strange signs when you are still sleeping. In case of danger, they are the first to warn and protect you. On the other hand, dogs always want to stay with their owners. Therefore, sleeping with you will also make the dogs feel more "reassured".


Dogs make you comfortable

The warmth of your dog will warm your bed naturally in cold weather. Besides, the smooth, silky fur of the dogs also makes your skin extremely comfortable. Of course, before the bed, your beloved dogs should have been bathed carefully.


Dogs help you reduce stress and worries

Many studies have shown that dogs have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety in humans. According to experts, staying near a dog will increase the flow of oxytocin, a hormone involved in love and happiness. So, if you have sleep disorders, your dog can help you fall asleep faster. Besides, the rhythm of the breath of a dog also makes you sleep deeper than usual.


Dogs make you sleep more

If the dogs sleep outside or do not lie on your bed, there is a high chance they will wake up early and wake you up. On the contrary, if they sleep with you on the same bed, you can both hug each other and sleep together more and more. So, if you like to sleep in at the weekend, your "bed partner" should definitely be a dog.


They minimize nighttime nightmares

Being awakened by nighttime nightmares will definitely disappear if you sleep in the bed with your dog. According to the Sleep Review, with the support of bedmates, people with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can gradually reduce their nightmares and sleep disorders. Dogs are also used to minimize the feeling of anxiety in people who are uncomfortable with darkness or some people tend to reverse the stage to avoid sleeping at night. They create a more relaxed mood for starting a sleep.


Dogs love you more than they love themselves

Dogs are the animals who love their owners more than themselves. These "four-legged friends" will never reveal to anyone your secrets. They never judge you no matter what you do. And of course, dogs will never wake up one day and tell you that they no longer love you. Who does not want to receive the ideal love from a wonderful "bed partner" like this?



By: Vivian Cooper

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