8 common misconceptions to notice when eating eggs

It's not too time consuming in processing to get a delicious and nutritious dish from eggs. However, improper processing will have adverse effects and harm your health.

No.1. Adding sugar to eggs 


This makes the protein in chicken eggs combined with the amino acid in glucose to form compounds difficult to absorb, causing indigestion, heartburn which is not good for health. 

No.2. Fresh eggs is the most nutritious 


Many people think that eating fresh eggs has a lung effect, laxative, quick replenishment of nutrients necessary for the body… However, in practice, this way is clean because bacterium and fungal pathogens will infect directly into the body easier. 

Fresh egg contains lots of avidin. This amount of excess in the body makes us have no appetite, fatigue, muscle pain, swollen skin, etc. 

No.3. Pregnant women should eat as many eggs as possible 


During pregnancy, the function of absorbing and digesting substances weakens, so the ability of detoxification of kidney and liver decreased. Therefore, if too much nutrients are easy to add "burden" to the liver and kidney, adversely affects the health. 

Excessive protein intake causes the intestinal tract to produce too much ammonia (NH3) and phenol, which can easily lead to syndrome with signs of abdominal distention, dizziness, fatigue, coma, etc. 

Therefore, it is necessary to base on the needs of each body to get enough protein. Usually from 2-3 eggs per day is enough for each woman. 

No.4. The old should abstain from eggs 


Many people think that chicken eggs have the high amount of cholesterol, so it is not suitable for the elderly. However, this is not necessarily true. Chicken eggs contain a lot of lecithin, a powerful precipitate, which can cause cholesterol and "clumping" cholesterol, which helps to circulate blood and reduce cholesterol in the blood. 

In addition, the lectin in the chicken eggs after being digested by the body will produce choline to help improve the functioning of the nervous system and enhance memory. 

No.5. Eating chicken eggs and drinking soy milk 


Soy milk is sweet and contains many vegetable proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vatamins, minerals ... extremely nutritious. However, soybeans contain a lot of anbuminoit, especially when combined with egg-white will reduce the nutritional value of both foods. 

No.6. Processing eggs for too long 


Too long processing time will cause the "loss" of iron in the egg and produce a chemical precipitate that is bad for the body, making it difficult for the body to absorb iron. 

In addition, when the temperature is too high, the protein in egg-white turns into amino acid molecules which are also broken into chemical compounds and harm the body. 

No.7. Frying eggs with spices 


Chicken eggs themselves contain large amounts of glutamic acid, chlorination and sodium, and when at high temperatures, they convert these compounds into a glutamic acid axt. Therefore, too many spices when processing eggs will lose the natural flavor of eggs. 

No.8. Egg-white or egg-yolk is better 


When eating eggs, we should eat both egg-white and egg-yolk because they both have the same nutritional content. 

According to estimates, in an egg there are about 7 grams of protein, of which 50% are in egg-white, 44% are in egg-yolk, the rest are in the shell and subunits. Fat and cholesterol are all in the egg-yolk. 

However, the ability to eliminate cholesterol in our body is very good, so with healthy people, eating of egg-yolk is not harmful. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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