8 extremely useful types of massage for health

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, if you need a massage, you can choose one of the following massage types.

Massage therapy is a subtle combination of art and medicine. One of the main purposes of massage therapy is to promote cardiac veins to work more deeply. Medical research has long proved that massage therapy can affect the immune system and increase the level of activity of good cells that help the body fight infections. Massage therapy can also reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms and may help to improve overall mental health.


New studies show that massage therapy can be used successfully to treat various disorders such as anxiety, headache, high blood pressure, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, chronic headache, etc.

In addition, massage therapy is effective and can reduce the symptoms of the disease by relieving muscle tension, stimulate the blood flow to the muscle tissue, disrupt and remove toxins, balance oxygen in the brain, relax the nervous system and spirit.

Swedish massage


This massage is very popular in Europe due to the deep relaxation feeling that it brings. Swedish massage focuses on the massage and pressing on the muscles of the body in a soft, gentle manner with special oils.

Deep tissue massage


Similar to "Swedish" massage, but this method goes deeper into the muscles and joints. Massage therapists will focus the pressure on the layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep beneath your skin.

Sports massage


It’s a kind which helps the muscular system when players play a specific sport. Often athletes will use this method of massage before or after playing sports. It promotes muscular flexibility and prevents injury or heals the pain after playing sports.

Shiatsu massage


As a form of healing in Japan, Shiatsu brings together the power of physical and mental to reunite the circulation of the living gas in the body by the fingers, similar to the needle acupuncture. People do not press on random points on the body but have to follow the acupuncture points.

Hot stone massage


Hot stone massage affects the human body in the form of waves caused by tiny vibrations, caused by the difference or temperature changes, which increases energy in the body through deep and strong stimulation on the acupuncture points and the vital organs on the body.

Thai massage


The main action is acupressure and blood circulation. Thai massage has the effect of relaxing, releasing tension and pressure to provide energy for the body. In addition, the type of Thai massage is considered one of the effective remedies compared to conventional massage methods by awakening the activities of the internal acupuncture points to dissolve the tension and stimulates blood circulation.

Pregnancy massage


During pregnancy, your body will have major changes. Pregnancy massage can help you get used to these changes as it reduces stress, reduces swelling of the limbs and relieves musculoskeletal pain. Massage can be especially useful for a time if the mother does not want to take medicine or substitute for other medical measures.

By: Stephan Swift

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