7 unhealthy habits that make you look older

Wearing earphones, not going out with friends are seemingly harmless but affect negatively your health, which makes you age faster.

Be addicted to eating sugar

According to ‘Prevention’, diets that contain lots of sugar not only affect the waist, but also cause your skin to become aging and wrinkled. Sugar can cause skin damage by drying collagen and elastin which keep your skin smooth and youthful. This process also causes dark circles and puffiness, which makes you look older. The symptoms of aging process begin at age 35 and increase later.

Tips: It is difficult to eliminate sugar completely. But you should limit sugar consumption to a minimum. Appropriate sugar level in your daily diets does not exceed 10% of daily calories.

Be frequently stressed out

Most women find it hard to avoid work-related stress, housework, parenting, etc. This can increase the levels of cortisol and norepinephrine in the blood, high blood pressure, impaired immune system, affects negatively your sleep, memory and mood.

Tips: You should control stress with positive perspective. Deep breathing is a great way to reduce anxiety.

Just exercise to lose weight

Many people only exercise when they want to lose a few pounds of weight, but then stop exercising. However, that is completely wrong. Recent research has shown that regular exercise, even walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce inflammation, prevent type 2 diabetes, protect the muscles and bone density of the body.

Tips: You should try to get involved in a fitness activity such as walking, biking, or dancing for 20-25 minutes a day. You should try to practice every day to create a routine for you.

Many people only exercise when they want to lose weight. Photo: Prevention

Wearing headphones

Many people may lose hearing ability due to wearing earphones all time. A recent study has shown that wearing earphones for an hour can temporarily affect a listener's hearing ability.

Tips: You should limit he time of using in-ear headphones and listen with the lower volume as much as possible. Using headphones with noise-canceling function to block out sound from the outside, which helps you hear better at low volume.

Not go out with friends

Some studies indicate that good friendships help you live longer than family relationships. Beautiful friendships can also prevent obesity, depression, stress and cardiovascular problems.

Tips: You should spend time with friends more often. Contactng by phone, social networking is also a great way to make you feel closer to your friends when not having time.

Eat less green vegetables and fruits


Many studies have shown that fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which helps people look younger. These compounds prevent free radicals from damaging the body and the skin. However, these compounds exist only for a few hours so you need to supplement regularly by eating green vegetables, and fruits daily.

By: Hilary Brown

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