7 reasons you are still tired after a full night’s sleep

Many people sleep eight full hours but still always feel very tired after waking up. So, what are the reasons?

1. You are dehydrated

When your body does not have enough water, blood pressure decreases, which means flow of oxygen to the brain will slow down. Therefore, if you wake up tired, drink a glass of water immediately. The amount of water needed will depend on your individual needs, but the ideal state to achieve is to drink enough water to feel the need to go to the toilet at least 3 times a day. This amount is equivalent to 6-8 glasses of water (including tea and coffee).


2. Your thyroid problems

The thyroid produces hormones to control sleepiness and hunger. When this organ is inactive or ineffective, it is also known as hypothyroidism, so your sleep will have unusual symptoms. It’s a common cause of over-sleeping. If you’re still feeling tired despite sleeping a lot, make an appointment with your doctor to have your blood tested.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel drowsy and fall asleep easily. However, alcohol also damages your sleep quality because it interrupts the sleep cycle, preventing the brain from entering deep sleep.


4. Nap

Taking a nap can help you regain your energy, but its duration is an important factor to concern. According to a study, 30 minutes for a nap is an ideal time to recover. However, sleeping too much is a bad idea because you will fall asleep deeply. Then, having to wake up in the middle will make you feel extremely uncomfortable and tired.

5. Iron deficiency and glucose metabolism disorder

Iron is the material that synthesizes hemoglobin, which is present in red blood cells and makes red blood cells red. Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood to the tissues of the body. Because of iron deficiency, oxygen transporting to the tissues of the body decreases, especially in the brain, causing the body to become tired, leading to drowsiness.

6. Lack of exercises


We spend a lot of time on our job, and that means spending eight hours a day sitting at the desk. This lifestyle can affect both our body and mind. It causes weight gain, fatigue and lack of energy. It also affects your sleep because the body does not produce enough energy to provide the best sleep quality.

7. Not enough nutrients in the body

Tiredness and sleepiness are signs that the body lacks a nutrient. It can be fat and protein deficiency during dieting. Making sure you have a healthy diet: minimize the processed foods and sugars, and instead, treat yourself more fresh fruits, healthy fats from plants and lean meat, eggs and beans.




By: Roxana Edwards

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