7 bad habits that make young people suffer from back pain

You are not old but have back pain if you make the mistakes below.

Sitting still one posture


People who have to sit still for 10 hours a day are more prone to pressure on the spine and joints than the average person, which leads to back pain.

Heavy carrying


This is a common practice among many young people, sometimes only a heavy object on their shoulders, but it can easily lead to back pain and distortion. Therefore, you should avoid carrying heavy items on your back or shoulders to protect the maximum spine.

Sleeping with too high pillow


Many people have the habit of knee-high to easily watch TV or use the phone, however, if you do not adjust the pillow when lying down. Because sleeping with a pillow is so high that the head is not resting, the neck muscles will have to stretch to fit the height of the pillow. And that is why the next morning you wake up, you will have back pain, neck pain and headache.

Regularly wearing high heels


People who wear too high heels often bend their back, and then pressure from the weight of the body will suppress the joints. Therefore, if you regularly wear high heels, especially high shoes over 9 inches will make you vulnerable to the symptoms of back pain.

Crouching while sleeping


Inappropriate posture is the cause of body aches. This habit will affect the bone structure especially the positions such as back, neck and shoulder. You must have encountered a situation in the morning when you wake up, you feel painful by lying in a wrong way. To avoid harm and not cause back pain, you should pay attention to sleeping properly. Lie down, arms and legs are relaxed to the best.

Using your phone in wrong position


Smartphone addiction is a situation many young people are facing. Using too much of your phone is not good for your health and if you use the wrong position, it is even worse. When you keep your head down, glare at your phone screen is when you're hurting a lot of your spine. Bowing to see the phone does not only bend the backbone but also causes the disc to be clipped, which is often very vulnerable.

Therefore, to avoid the condition of the spine damaged by the habit of using the phone, you should note the time limit on the phone screen. At the same time, during the use, you should also remember to raise your head not to hurt the spine in the long term.



Do you know that daily physical exercise does not only help to develop muscles but also improves good health, especially your back. For those who are less active, they tend to have weak tendons and have degenerative spondylosis.

In addition to the above habits, you should also focus on your health every day. In particular, give up thinking back pain is due to the influence of the weather or just the sudden pain of the fast. If you stay with the disease for a long time, it will be very difficult to recover quickly.


By: Oralie Smith

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