6 things to remember when eating tomatoes

Tomatoes are nutritious, and they have many uses, but you do not know how to eat tomatoes properly, your health will be negatively affected.

Tomatoes are loved for their abundant health benefits. Lycopene found  in tomatoes is a natural antioxidant which helps the body fight various diseases including cancer. Lycopene cannot be produced by our body, but we have to take it via the foods we eat everyday. But there are some notes you have to remember when eating tomatoes if you do not want any unexpected outcomes. 

1. Do not eat tomatoes and cucumbers at the same time 

Cucumber contains a type of catabolic enzyme, which dissolves vitamin C. Meanwhile, tomato contains a large amount of this vitamin. If you eat two kinds of vegetable at the same time, vitamin C in tomatoes will be decomposed by the catabolic enzyme in cucumber. 

Do not eat tomatoes and cucumbers at the same time 

2. Do not eat tomato seeds:

Tomato seeds are just like guinea nuts which are not digested in the intestinal tract, which can result in some light disorder. Therefore, it is advisable that you remove the seeds before eating or cooking tomatoes. 

3. Do not eat tomatoes when you are hungry:

Pectin and phenolic resins are abundant in tomatoes. When you eat tomatoes when your stomach is empty, these substances can react with acids, which can significantly affect the stomach, leading to vomiting or abdominal pain. Therefore, do not eat tomatoes when you are hungry, especially when you have intention of losing weight with tomatoes. 

4. Do not use overcooked tomatoes:

If you cook tomatoes for too long, all vitamins and other nutrients will be dissolved. In addition, eating tomatoes without nutrients can cause food poisoning. 

5. Do not eat unripe tomatoes:

Unripe tomatoes contain large amounts of glycoalkaloids, which will upset your stomach. In more serious cases, you can have several symptoms like nausea, vomiting, salivation, weakness, and fatigue. Even in rare cases, unripe tomatoes can be life-threatening. To get rid of those troubles, you can cook unripe tomatoes before eating. Also, you should not mistake unripe tomatoes for green tomatoes, because there are several types of tomato are still green when they are ripe. 

You should cook unripe tomatoes before eating to avoid any negative impacts on your stomach. 

6. Do not eat too much tomato:

Eating too many tomatoes can lead to the intolerance to this food, even when you eat a very small amount. Normally,if the body cannot accept potatoes, peppers or chili, it is hard to include tomatoes in the diet.

By: Chris Stewart

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