6 things patients shouldn’t hide from their doctor

Patients are often reluctant to share important information with their doctor, which pushes their health into danger.

According to Dr. Roger Henderson, one of the most well-known health-care practitioners in the UK, it is ideal if the doctor knows almost all of the patient's information and even it causes patient feel uncomfortable. Leaving important information can make diagnosis difficult and can also make the patient at higher risk.

These are 6 among 10 things listed on the netdoctor.co.uk site by Henderson that he hopes patients should not keep secret with their doctors.

1. If you stop medication midway


Not following the treatment is quite common. Up to 70% of patients do not take the medicine properly and fully, either because they forget or because they think they are better when the symptoms disappear.

This can have serious consequences for certain conditions such as blood pressure or cholesterol-related illness, and may even make the doctor add other unnecessary drugs as the doctor thinks the patient did not respond to the treatment regimen. So if you stop the drug in the middle, do not lie to the doctor and should know to have the correct treatment direction.

2. The level of tobacco or alcohol addiction

No doctor imprisons the patient just because they smoke or drink too much. However, we need to think deeply about how the lifestyle affects health. Doctors will not denounce drug addicts with the authorities. Doctors need to know about the patient's lifestyle in order to be able to diagnose the disease correctly, to perform appropriate tests and to protect the health of the patient.

3. If you are stressed, depressed, or seriously abused


If you are suffering from any form of abuse, try speaking out loud so your doctor can help you. If you have the initial symptoms of depression, the earlier you go, the better it is. Your doctor may give you the best advice, or prescribe medication needed for your condition. Once you have broken the ice, you will feel easier to talk about issues like that.

4. If you use herbs or supplements or medications without designation

Most people believe that herbal supplements are natural products, so they do not affect the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but that's not the case. Products such as "weight loss supplements" that can harm the heart, using vitamins and minerals in excess are dangerous.

5. If you have a financial problem


Dr. Roger Henderson said almost every day he also has patients with symptoms due to severe financial pressure. Sometimes it can be due to the gamble addiction, bipolar disorder or anxiety and depression, but sometimes just because of financial hardship.

6. The family has a severe medical history


If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, it is important to talk to your doctor at every visit. For families with a history of cancer, stroke, diabetes, is it too. This will help you have early treatment as needed.

Always keep in mind that honesty is the key in any relationship, including your relationship with your doctor. Hiding something can sometimes be an easy choice, but if you do not share some of the signs that could harm your health, serious problems can come to your health. Be open, tell the whole truth to be diagnosed and get the best help from your doctor.

By: Relly Jonas

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