6 signs that your diet is actually counterproductive

If eating is a "nightmare", your diet is going in the wrong direction.

Many people often learn to lose weight on the Internet or listen to some person about weight loss methods at home. However, each body will correspond to a different weight loss diet. Depending on the physical and age of each person, they will have different exercises and different diets to achieve the desired goal. On the other hand, if you use a variety of random diets without learning about it and about your body carefully, your body will have to suffer.

If you are experiencing the signs below, stop your diet and exercise right away to see your doctor soon.

1. Your skin and hair tend to "go down"

Wrong dieting will prevent the body from getting enough vitamins and nutrients. This will cause the body to be influenced, the most obvious signs will be in the skin, hair. Due to lack of required substances, the hair will become dry and weak. The skin will also become dry and prone to acne.


2. The body is dehydrated

Do you know why a diet with fruit juice helps to lose weight fast? Because the body is dehydrated. Most importantly, when you stop drinking juice and eat again, you will gain weight again quickly.

In addition, when the body is dehydrated even for a short time, you will face headaches and dizziness.


3. Reduced metabolism

Fast metabolism is the key to weight loss. However, if the metabolism is tending to go down, it proves that your diet is not appropriate. Eating improperly, muscles decrease and affect metabolism. So, you will easily gain weight back later.


4. Weak immune system

When the body is not getting enough minerals and vitamins, the immune system may be depleted. This also causes you to become tired, weak and get sick easily

 Diet does not mean to cut off fat that contains vitamins A, D, E and K. These substances play an important role in supporting the immune system, helping the body to stay healthy and fight diseases.


5. You always feel tired

The wrong diet will help you lose weight but also dehydrate the body and take away glycogen. For that reason, your body will not have much energy and you will easily fall into a state of fatigue. A body lacking vitamins and nutrients will no longer be able to produce energy. As a result, you do not feel as active as before.


6. Unstable mood

Unstable mood is also a sign of inadequate diet. The lack of nutrient causes the brain to produce corticosterone, a substance that makes you nervous, angry and upset. In addition, your ability to focus will also decline, and your sleep will become gradually unstable.


By: Roxana Edwards

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