5 helpful tricks to get through a sleepless night

In this article, there are a couple of small suggestions to help you fall asleep easily.

According to many studies, insomnia is a frequent problem for many people. Especially in the last few decades, the number of young people suffering from insomnia has increased. The reasons for sleep deprivation may be due to sleep habits, stress in life, bad effects from the environment. Many people have come up with sleeping pills to solve this problem but this is not a good and lasting method. In this article, there are a couple of small suggestions to help you fall asleep easily.

Create a good sleep environment

Having a comfortable environment with an appropriate temperature will make it easier for you to relax. This also depends on the individual conditions, but you should try to invest in bed and pillow sets in your ability. Wearing comfortable clothes such as pajamas and wide-sleeved shirt will help you sleep easily. Do not wear tight clothing because your body will feel very uncomfortable and this will make you hard to sleep. Next, light also plays an important role for sleep. It is best to turn off the lights when sleeping or just use a light source like a night light. If you sleep in the morning or can not avoid the light, try to turn to the less lighted side or try using a blindfold.


People with insomnia are often sensitive to sound and sometimes even a small strange sound can wake them up. So how to actively solve problems related to sound? In fact, many people are more likely to sleep under certain noise conditions. For those who like quietness, try some tools such as headphones, ear muffs. If you are bothered by street noise, home repairs or similar distractions, try to dump them with music (when the noise is not too loud). Listening to light music such as non-verbal music with moderate volume will also help you relax and go to sleep easier. Listening to your favorite songs and sing along can make you sleep easily too.

Tidying up your bed is necessary for good sleep. If there is any leftover from your previous meals around your bed, you will probably suffer from some unpleasant odors and it may make you unable to sleep. In some cases, you can use some essential oils with appropriate aroma.

Relax your mind

Release your body by lying in the position where you feel most comfortable. And what should you think about? The advice is not to think about what you are worried about, the fun things or the important things in your life because they will make you nervous so your mind will be disturbed and tense. Try to think about boring things. The trick is to think about things you do not like, imagine and turn them into black until you fall asleep. Listening to music, reading books are also activities you should do before going to sleep.

Admit the distractions around

Although you have tried to ignore the disturbance around by reminding yourself that "I never heard the sound of the clock ticking", "my feet itch and it will be over soon", "this snoring sound does not bother me", you seem focus more on those unpleasant things and can not sleep. Try to acknowledge them and find ways to deal with the noise. You should release your body or simply stand up for a drink and then go back to your bed. The distractions around you may go away after that. If those things are not alright, focus on your breathing and practice breathing as follows: lie on your back, take a deep breath, gently exhale, repeat those step four times then rest for a few seconds and resume. This solution can help your mind less stressful with the discomfort surrounding you.


Use your imagination

When it comes to trying to sleep, people often use the sheep counting method. This trick is based on your imagination. In addition to counting sheep, you can imagine a picture, a fictitious story and think about it. But this imagination should focus on light things like sky, waterfalls or something that makes you feel peaceful and does not make you nervous. You can imagine that you are lying under a starry sky, imagining a pendulum clock oscillating evenly in front of your eyes. Things that are regular, boring will help a lot.

Long-term measures

Beside the above methods, you should pay attention to the physiological status of your body, your habits to adjust them appropriately. This is very important because if you lose sleep for a while, the cause may start from your daily routine.

First, reduce coffee and dark tea, especially after 5 pm because they contain caffeine that causes insomnia. Another drink that should be avoided is alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of calming the nerves and making it easy to sleep, but using it for a long time will cause addiction and harmful effects on health. On the other hand, people who drink a lot of alcohol will sleep well during the time when ethanol remains in their body and usually wake up in the middle of the night when the ethanol has dissipated.

As for eating, you can snack on foods that contain carbohydrates, calcium or some protein before you sleep. Suggested foods include bananas, butter, peanuts, dairy products, cereal sandwiches. You should not eat too much or be hungry, both will make it difficult to sleep. Spicy, hot, protein-rich foods are not recommended.

If you are a sports enthusiast, bodybuilder, jogger... do not do it within 3 hours before going to sleep because your body will be affected within 3 hours after exercise and reduce the secretion of melatonin (which helps regulate sleep). It is best to exercise in the morning or early afternoon. And to have a good sleep in the evening you should not nap during the day. If you need a break with a nap, the sleep should not last more than 15 minutes. Take a warm bath 15 minutes before bedtime is also a good way to relax before sleeping.

Another important note is that you should try to control your life, anxiety and depression that contribute to insomnia. Finding some therapies like yoga, meditation, sports... is good way to improve your sleep. If you are in serious stress, visit a doctor and have some psychotherapy sessions. In addition, you should have a reasonable schedule, bedtimes should not be too different each day because it will cause physiological disorders.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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