5 effective solutions to reduce the risk of skin cancer

In addition to using regularly sunscreen, you should follow these effective ways to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Stay away from windows

The glass of windows is still not completely blocking the sun's ultraviolet. Some UV rays can also pass through windows. So, many people still carelessly sit by the windows in the heat of the sun, which increases the risk of skin cancer. Thus, simply staying in the shade is one of the best ways to limit your UV exposure.

Therefore, you should not spend long periods of time close to a window where the sunlight shines directly through the window. If you sit on the bus should pull the curtains or if you drive car should choose a special anti-UV glass to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Stop drinking alcohol

It is reported that alcohol can increase the negative effects of ultraviolet light on the skin. Even when you drink at night or indoors, there will be the risk of skin cancer. A 2016-study in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal found that drinking a small amount of alcohol every day can increase the risk of melanoma by 14 percent. Therefore, limiting alcohol intake, and even stopping drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of skin cancer significantly.

Enjoy coffee properly


According to a 2007-study in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, it found that daily coffee consumption had a positive effect on skin cancer. Another study, published last year in PLOS One, also found that coffee can protect against melanoma which is the most dangerous skin cancer. Therefore, a cup of coffee a day is a great way to protect skin and health effectively. However, you should not drink too much, because it will cause insomnia.

Take Vitamin B3


A form of vitamin B3 is nicotinamide which can help support DNA recovery after damage from sun exposure. A US study in 2005 found that people at high risk for skin cancer who took 1,000 mg of nicotinamide a day a year reduced their risk of cancer by 23 percent a year. So, you can add vitamin B3-rich foods such as salmon, tuna, peanuts, chicken, sunflower seeds, or mushrooms into your daily diet to prevent skin cancer.

Improve immune system

According to a study by the British Journal of Dermatology in 2011, if the immune system is weakened, the risk of skin cancer increases. Because when your immune system is depleted, new cancer cells do not get destroyed so they get stronger and cause disease.

If you often get sick, it is a sign that your immune system needs to be strengthened. Exercising and consuming some foods such as garlic, yogurt, black tea and green tea to prevent the risk of cancer .

By: Hilary Brown

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