Bizarre 4-year-old boy who never feels any pain

Dexter, 4, UK, is always cheerful and very active. He never cries, even when his bones are broken! Because of a rare genetic disorder, Dexter cannot feel the pains.

A child who is always cheerful and never cries even when falling is probably the dream of many parents. But to Dexter Cahill's parents, that is a terrible nightmare. Over the last four years of innocent cheerfulness, the little Dexter has suffered a multitude of traumatic injuries.

Dexter's life is always threatened, because the boy cannot feel any injuries he has. Photo: DAILY MAIL

His mother, Lindsay, recounted her horrific memory when her little son attended a children's outdoor dance at the beginning of this year. A song about the alphabet was being sung, and the kids were excited to follow the instructions to dance. Dexter danced very enjoyably, but after a high jump and falling, he could not stand up. Shockingly, in that terrible situation, the boy was still smiling, not crying, not screaming in pain.

Dexter's mother was called for help. She came and saw her son sitting in the midst of many medical staffs. ‘Hi, mummy!’ - Dexter laughed and asked for a lollipop. Meanwhile, the medical staffs discovered that he had broken his left tibia. The boy was sent to the hospital to cast, not crying, not taking any morphine to ease the pain!

Dexter is nearly 4 years old now, very active and cheerful. He was still playful with his broken leg! – Photo: DAILY MAIL

Dexter suffers from one of the rarest forms of genetic disorder, which makes the body feel no pain, no heat and no cold. The possibility of being diagnosed with this disorder is extremely low, even when both parents have faulty genes.

Because of this disease, Dexter has suffered a number of terrible wounds. Most recently, he broke left femur last week. One hand and one thumb were broken shortly previously. The boy's problem was discovered when he was only 4 months old and his teeth started to grow. The toddler rubbed his teeth with his tongue until bleeding, he has also lost 3 teeth. The boy has many cuts, scratches and bruises on his body. Once Dexter was playing happily in a paddling pool and nearly died of hypothermia. His cousin screamed from the cold when trying to step one foot into the poll. Thanks to that, people saved the Dexter promptly.

"People think Dexter is a superhero. But he's fragile. He may suffer appendicitis one day and won't know about it because there will be no pain," said Dexter’s mom. The whole family had to leave their old house and moved to a specially designed new one with no sharp edges. To live healthily, Dexter must learn how to avoid hurting himself.

By: Chris Stewart

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