3 common weight loss methods that can make you age faster

Choosing unreasonable weight loss methods, especially strict diet or wrong exercise, can make the problem worse.

According to science, the difference between real age and biological age is easy to see. This means that you might be in your 50s, but you have a healthy body and the ability of your 40s. In contrast, you can look older than you really are based on appearance. So, what is the cause of this difference?

One of the reasons people often assume comes from genetic elements. However, this does not affect the speed of your aging process. Whatever the cause is, you can completely control this process effectively.

Besides using anti-aging drugs or hormone supplements, you can completely rejuvenate your biological age by using scientific diets and weight loss exercises. However, choosing unreasonable methods, especially strict diet or wrong exercise, can make the problem worse.

Here are three serious errors you need to avoid to slow down the aging process and increase your body's metabolism when looking for a slim but healthy body.



Many people think that losing weight and preventing excess fat will be good for the heart. In addition, they even say that if the cardiovascular system is improved (if done properly), it cannot speed up the aging process.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Weight-loss exercises will make the cardiovascular system work faster and more actively. These regular and long-term cardiovascular sessions will damage your muscles and increase the production of free radicals. These free radicals will directly damage the cells of your body and accelerate the aging process.



In addition to weight-loss exercises, females tend to apply other strict forms of dieting. It's hard to believe, but low-fat diet is not a scientific diet because science has shown that fat is not a cause for weight gain or heart disease. In fact, since low-fat diets were widely used, their health is often diminished.

Therefore, fat is not the enemy of weight gain problems. Fat is the key ingredient to keep your body looking slim and healthy, youthful because healthy fats are a good source of cholesterol that helps in the production of hormones. In this way, good cholesterol will make the skin tissue healthy, elastic and youthful. If you are on a low-fat diet, you will lose the nutrients you need to slow down the aging process and keep your youth.



Yoga has existed for thousands of years to maintain health, connect body and mind. However, this is not an effective form of exercise. When you practice yoga, you will experience some difficult physical movement.

Physiologically, yoga lacks the elements needed to stimulate the body such as strengthening the muscles, burning fat and activating the rejuvenating, aging-slowing hormones. Even so, yoga can improve your flexibility and calm your mind, but this weight-loss exercise cannot stimulate "growth".



By: Vivian Cooper

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