7 effective weight loss rules for women under 40

Our metabolism slows down by about 5% when we turn 40. This means, on average, women have to lose 100 calories a day to get slim bodies.

However, you can also burn calories more easily in some of the following ways.

Choosing exercises


When the metabolism slows, take 30 minutes to do cardio exercises, 3-4 times a week.

Cardio exercises include elastic, clams, step-ups, crunches, bird dogs and push-ups to maintain muscle strength and burn good calories. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day for better metabolism and keep your mind clear.

Having clear objectives

There are no diets or medications that can reduce fat quickly and easily because reducing fat is a process.

That is the reason you have to realize how weight loss is the right way. Each week a reduction of 1kg is a right goal and can be at hand. Build a healthy lifestyle from eating to exercising to keep fit.

Supplying vitamins


The body needs different nutrients at different stages of life. For U40 women, the addition of substances such as calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, Omega-3 and probiotics are essential.

Nowadays, many women rely on functional foods but that is not the best solution. Vitamins in foods are considered to be the most healthy such as potassium in butter, raisins and bananas; calcium in milk and dairy products.

Making a specific schedule

No matter how strict you lose weight, it is not effective when you don’t it regularly.

Ignore metabolic disorders such as eating sweets, starches and replacing them with high fiber foods. Never skip breakfast because it is the energy of the hard-working day. Limit eating at night so that you do not harm your stomach and gain extra weight for you.

Reducing room temperature


Surprisingly, it is common for people to believe that high temperature causes more sweat to help burn calories. However, if you sleep in cool temperature can make the fat burn easily because the body will have to work to keep warm. Therefore, scientists say that you should sleep at an ideal room temperature of 19 degrees to lose weight.

Drinking enough water


If you have indigestion, it is best to add water so that it can promote calorie burning. Thus, water plays an important role in weight loss.

Water can also release toxins from the body. Having a cup of water before meals will help reduce appetite and burn better calories.

Going for a medical checkup

Sometimes, you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try. At this time should go to check your general health because over the age of 40, there are many changes from the liver to the thyroid. If the organs in the body have the disease which will interfere with weight or help weight rise easily.

By: Roxana Edwards

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