Why drinking too much coconut water is a bad idea

When it comes to coconut, many people easily imagine a drink that is pure and contains plenty of nutrients but why we should not overdo coconut water?

Things you do not know all about coconut water

Coconut water is liquid, transparent, wrapped coconut fruit. Coconut water is used as a popular and favorite drink in tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean.


Coconut water is a natural low-calorie drink (16.7kcal / 100g or 70kJ / 100g). However, coconut water is rich in mineral salts, so young coconut water can be used as electrolytes for dehydration.


Did you know that a glass of coconut water averages about 44 calories, 0.5g of protein, about 10g of carbohydrates and 9.6g of sugar? Many nutrients, but coconut water does not contain fat, so you can safely use.

In addition, coconut water also contains a lot of minerals that are beneficial to health vitamins such as C, B, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, etc.

Besides the large nutrients, coconut water is also helpful:

+ Being a natural beverage to ensure 100% pure without harmful preservatives

+ Can be used as electrolytes in cases of dehydration.

+ Used as a fluid in some countries when medical salt water is not available.

+ Drinking coconut water can reduce the risk of dehydration

+ Enhance energy

+ Good for the heart

+ Good for digestive system

+ Good for the immune system

+ Preventing kidney stones

But besides, this kind of fruit exists to note things. The following things will answer the question of why coconut should not be abused.

Drinking after sun exposure can easily cause shock to the body


In fact, when you go to the sun in the morning when you are thirsty, you immediately drink a glass of coconut water is easy to make you "hit the wind." The accompanying symptoms are usually chills, even high fever. If this condition occurs daily will affect health, extremely dangerous.

Do not drink coconut milk at night


Overnight is the time for your body to rest and relax. You do not know that, you continue to recharge by enjoying a glass of coconut milk along with cold ice. But do not know that drinking coconut milk in the evening is not good because it makes your body cold body and disease is easy to attack you. Therefore, no matter how much you like coconut water you should only drink them in the morning or lunch to protect your health.

Do not drink too much coconut milk


Any type of drink that is used should have an appropriate limit as if drinking too much will harm the body. Coconut water will be harmful if you drink continuously with 3-4 fruits/day. In particular, for those with low blood pressure, colds, rheumatism, hemorrhoids... should not use coconut water because it will cause unpredictable damage to the body.



Coconut water is a wonderful drink because they contain a good sugar for the body. On average, a glass of coconut water has about 9.6 g of sugar, which accounts for 30% of the amount of sugar the human body is allowed to absorb up to a day.

Weight gain


Other important ingredients in coconut water are carbohydrates and electrolytes. These two substances will make you gain weight if you drink coconut water regularly without exercise. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight, it is advisable not to drink too much coconut milk.

By: Judith Edwards

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