Vivid ice creams to check out in Seoul

The colorful ice creams with unique style will make you want to return to Korea or Seoul in particular not only once.


This is one of the first ice cream parlors that you should visit in Korea. Bistopping’s ice cream cones look just too cute to be eaten. The label has enhanced the culture of enjoying ice cream. Each ice cream cone here is like a creative piece of art.

After choosing your favorite ice cream among many delicious flavors, you can also try countless topping in variety of shapes and colors. They have waffles, cookies, candies, and fondant cakes. This is a paradise of ice cream, where every fantasy comes true. Holding the ice cream in your hand, you will look like Alice in the Wonderland.



Molly's Pop is especially because it does not serving more than 18 ice cream flavors at a time. The special flavor, known as the signature of the restaurant, is named "Above 19," which is a blend of various alcoholic beverages such as Baileys, beer, wine and many other flavors. Of course, you must be over 19 years old to order this ice cream. With other creams, there is no age limit. Make sure you try some of the creams you have never tried in your life such as wasabi, rice cakes, beans, cheese...

Some fruit flavors like mango, pomegranate, grape... are quite popular but only seasonal. Compared to other ice cream brands in Korea, Molly's ice cream is less sweet, more unique and so it attracts mainly female customers and students, especially Korean tourists.



Ice Factory features super cold ice cream. Raw materials such as fruits, fresh cream, fresh milk are committed to be used within the day. Thanks to that, all ice cream flavors of the Ice Factory are always very fresh.

Besides the traditional Korean ice cream form, Korean tourists can order cute and lively shapes such as bear, paw, heart or rose... The best-selling ice cream here is heart-shaped kiwi.



Do you know that this super high ice cream comes from Korea? Today these famous ice creams have become the favorite desserts around the globe. 32 Parfait is where you can find the most delicious fresh ice creams with 3 main ingredients: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. By now, the number of ice cream flavor has reached number 9 to serve the diverse tastes of customers, including notable flavors like yogurt and green tea.



Milkcow has taken the Korean youth by storm with a sweet fever. This cream is made from organic cow's milk. It’s not only delicious, but also decorated elaborately. There is a "cloud" of candy hanging above, along with countless eye-catching toppings.



This fun fish ice cream may have been seen a lot on Instagram. It is probably a must when you come to Seoul. The traditional cone has been replaced with a cute fish waffle. On top is yogurt cream with chocolate topping and grains.



With Remicone, perhaps customers come here not only for the lovely ice creams but also to take pictures with this unique shop. Designed as a mobile van, the store attracts the attention of mostly young people. Here you find three traditional ice creams: milk, caramel and chocolate. The highlight is in various topping such as candy, mango macaroon, or peanuts...






By: Dinah Gutierrez

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