Use foods wisely to keep fit and stay healthy

Using unsafe or unqualified foods can put you at risk, as not all foods are good and can be used however we want to.

Not all healthy foods can be consumed

Many studies have claimed that people tend to eat all the foods they think are good for their body. That is why they are easy to gain weight and are at risk for obesity.

Some people share their daily diet. They say they are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, protein, healthy fats as well as absorbing large amounts of carbohydrates in their body. However, in fact, even organic foods also contribute to weight gain if you overuse them. That's why you should try to rebalance your diet.


Think long-term instead of short-term

Using healthy foods for the body is a long journey. That is why you should have a specific and certain plan to ensure the safety of your health. People who have a healthy diet and are well-trained will have better health. They are also less likely to develop many diseases than others.

Actually, heart disease or type 2 diabetes will not arise from what you eat on a single, weekly or monthly basis. In contrast, these diseases are formed through the accumulation of toxins in your body from behaviors such as unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking or not exercising... So, have a deeper look at the way you use healthy foods.


Use spiritual measures to help you go with the right direction

To lose weight, many people suddenly come up with a series of taboos related to the use of food. It will makes them tired and discouraged, of course. But if you know how to come up with plans and solutions for each meal, you'll be in control of the amount of food you eat. At the same time, it makes it easy to accomplish your planned goals.

Move on to some new goals instead of having the best plan involved in reducing the foods in your diet. You can do it by getting enough sleep, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, storing healthy food according to your needs, and so on. All of these things help you to lose weight safely and effectively. Moreover, they also make your mind more comfortable.


Limit the use of foods high in protein and fat

This means you have to use more plant-based foods. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 90% of Americans do not meet the daily intake of fruits and vegetables required. That leads to a bad result about their health.

Try to use half the food on the plate with all of recommended nutrients. If you find it difficult to enjoy fresh vegetables, you can use canned products such as beans and tomatoes. Many studies have shown that canned products are sometimes more nutritious than fresh foods.


Functional food is not medicine

According to the National Institutes of Health's study of dietary supplements as well as the use of functional foods, there is not always enough evidence to prove that dietary supplements have the function of improving health. In contrast, in some cases, functional foods may increase the risk of illness in humans.

Today, many supplements are born with various functions like increasing energy, reducing belly fat, improving the brain, fighting chronic diseases...But in facts, manufacturers have never proved the real effect of these functional foods before they are sold. Nothing can guarantee their effectiveness. So, the best way to protect our health is to keep a balanced diet with the necessary nutrients from healthy foods.


Cut off sugar is totally wrong

Long-term dieting for weight loss is definitely not good for health. Instead, you should use carbohydrate-containing foods in a qualified and moderate way.

Our body needs a certain amount of sugar daily to provide energy to the muscles and brain. However, the carbohydrates found in soda or cakes are converted differently from carbohydrates are found in brown rice or beans. So, using starches in healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals... help you maintain a stable weight and live longer.





By: Olivia Mendoza

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