The 10 cheapest specialties in the world

Sometimes, expensive dishes are not delicious to eat. You should enjoy these specialities, they will make you addicted despite cheap price.


Kaiten-zushi (Japan): The kaiten-zushi restaurants - sushi carousels are the most affordable option for expensive living in Japan. In many places, this dish is only ¥ 100. Choose your own food and put plates into piles to pay at the end of the meal.


Nasi goring (Indonesia): A popular fried rice in Indonesia, nasi goring is made right in front of you at kaki lima mobile stalls and night markets across the country. In addition to the meat and vegetables fried together with rice, people often put an egg on the top. Guests can rest assured "do not worry about hunger" with part of nasi goring here.


Bunny Chow (South Africa): This dish has an interesting history, rooted in the Great Depression of the 1930s. At that time, the dry curry of India - called Bania - was the cheapest meal in Durban. Once familiar with the extremely economical workers here, this curry is served in breadcrumbs, which are easy to carry and can be eaten without having to leave anything.


Thali (India): One of the best ways to enjoy India's delicious curry is Thali. This dish has three different types of curry, eaten with the other dishes, raita (vegetables mixed with yogurt) or curds (fermented milk), pickles, gulab jamun (a pastry), rice and chapatti (thin, round cookie from wheat flour). The cost of this dish is 100 Rs.


Pho (Vietnam): Vietnamese pho originated from Hanoi, eat breakfast or late at night. Pho has its own variations to suit the taste of the food. Nowadays, people can eat pho at any time of the day, and often eat outside the chophouse, because it costs less than cooking at home.


Tajine (Morocco): The word "tajine" actually refers to a particular type of terracotta device. It was used when cooking this dish, so it became the name for a speciality of Morocco. Tajines usually consist of slowly cooked red meat with dried fruits, vegetables and nuts, or chicken with lemon and olives. This dish costs only 30 dh. You can go to the small restaurants in Medina for the cheapest price.


"Sri Lankan Lunch" (Sri Lanka): If you are a fan of spicy foods, try a lunch packet - "Sri Lankan lunch". These meals are usually prepared from 11-14h, stacked outside the stalls, cafes. Each box usually consists of rice, meat or fish curry, vegetables and sambal - a local dish with the main ingredient is spicy coconut.


Tacos (Mexico): Tacos in Mexico are slightly different from the European version. The crust made from corn flour or wheat flour is small and soft. At a street food counter, you can easily enjoy this gourmet dish for only 60 pesos. Along with the meat, toppings of tacos such as fresh vegetables or salsa are also worth exploring.


Ta'amiya (Egypt): The same kind of cake made from beans and fried in oil, but the use of fava beans instead of green beans has made this dish in Egypt has better moisture and delicious than Other "cousins" in the Middle East. It has been proven that 3,000 years ago - the period of pharaohs, Egypt has this dish.


Pizza (Italy): Italian cuisine is famous for its many delicious dishes. However, pizza is considered to be the most authentic "home taste". In this country, you can enjoy Margherita - a very famous pizza with just a few euros.

By: Gitta Russell

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