Surprising effects of color on taste that few people know about

Researchers have shown that different colors can make our taste feel different.

Here are the facts about the effect of color on the taste. 

Unpopular colors: Blue, black, dark purple 


We tend to avoid colored foods such as blue, dark purple and black because of the habit that people think they’re harmful and malignant. There are not many natural foods with this color, except blueberries, coffee, and chestnuts. 


Blue foods are considered "foods that do not bring the best feeling. One study conducted the most popular food survey of a group of people, then stained the food in blue and handed it to the group. The results showed that despite the taste of ordinary food, eaters didn’t have the feeling of having an appetite for the food. 

Experts suggest that if you want to reduce your intake, you can leave the blue lights in the refrigerator. Because this will make you do not want to eat anymore. You can also try to decorate the kitchen with blue, or choose some blue dishes and bowls. This also has the clear effect of increasing the sense of appetite, while also creating a modern kitchen space. 

The color brings the feeling that you want to eat most: Red 


Red foods stimulate the taste buds, giving a sense of fullness. If you are tired of eating, maybe add some red food to your menu. Even restaurants with red seats also make diners feel hungry and eat more. 

The color helps increase hunger: Yellow 


Yellow is also a color that stimulates the taste because this color often brings a sense of fun. Restaurants that have yellow windows, or place yellow flowers on the dining table, also provide a warm feeling, help guests feel welcomed, and increase hunger. 

The color represents health: Green 


Regardless of what food is, just green is easy to be considered a good health food. This is because the "safe food" is usually green, such as apples and cucumbers. Therefore, we tend to like to eat green foods and think that they are healthy. 

Secret of orange 


When eating foods that are orange, we tend to be very cautious, because orange makes a anger. Very few natural orange foods, like curries (orange flavored foods), are often considered "food of anger". 

White and snacks 


White foods are easy to pick, and it's easy to forget about the number of calories contained in them. That is also why white raw materials are often used to make snacks. 

By: Mithrine Smith

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