Pancake, and the typical culinary culture in each country

Despite containing different ingredients, pancake is still considered one of the most popular desserts because of its delicious taste.


Japanese pancake, also known as hot cake, is used as a dessert instead of breakfast. The spongy yet smooth cake is often served with cream, fruit, honey and other types of sweets. Japanese people don’t eat the whole cake alone, they split it and enjoy this tasty dish with friends in an afternoon tea party.


Besides, there’s also okonomiyaki, one of the most signature dishes of Japanese cuisine. This is a cake that combines the shape of the pizza and the taste of a traditional pancake. The cake is made from flour, eggs, shrimp or octopus and some dried tuna on top. Enjoying this cake, you will feel the sweet and sour taste of mayonnaise mixed with the salty taste of the special sauce made for okonomiyaki.



In Korea, hotteok is a street snack loved by many visitors. Unlike many other types of pancakes, hotteok is fermented, giving you an unforgettable delicious flavor. Inside the cakes are often red beans, cinnamon, walnuts and brown sugar. This tasty snack is sold all year round, but enjoying a hot cake in the middle of winter will be the greatest experience. This is really the food you must try if you have the opportunity to visit Korea.


In addition to sweet hotteok, seafood pancake is a dish that Korean people and tourists choose when hanging out with friends. Its ingredients include kimchi, seafood (usually octopus, shrimp) and green onion. Seafood pancakes are often served as appetizers for meals or as a snack for midday snacks. You can use it with the special sauce to add flavor to the dish.



Roti in Thailand is made from eggs, condensed milk, sugar, bananas and other fruits. The cake is folded beautifully and cut into small pieces to eat. After being fried quickly, the yellowish brown cake will be really crispy. Fine powder mixed with the sweetness of condensed milk and fruit will create such delicious flavor that is probably difficult to resist.



If you do not like big pancakes, pfannkuchen from Germany is the right choice for you. The moderately-sized cake is thin, spongy and is often served with some sugar, apple or a thin layer of jam.


The Netherlands

Poffertjes are small, round pancakes made of fermented flour. The grilled cakes are yellow, crispy. While their inside is soft, smooth and chewy. You can sprinkle a little sugar or honey and add some fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and apples on the cakes.



Panqueque is the brownish-yellow pancake that is thinly fried. Making this dessert, the Spaniards will put the egg white into the dough to make the cake light and smooth. The powder is thinned to help eaters feel its tasty flavor better. Panqueque served with jam is one of the most popular breakfasts and snacks in this country.



Unlike the pancakes above, pancake in Nigeria have a unique taste of spicy red peppers as well as stir-fried onions and tomatoes. Nigerian pancakes are often fried and have darker in color than pancakes in other countries.



Panqueca de carne moida is a salty pancake in Brazil. The inside is ground meat cooked with the country’s characteristic spices. Like pizza, they will spread some tomato sauce and a little mozzarella on the cake.



France is the birthplace of the famous crepe - a variation of pancake. From sweet crepe with fruits, honey to salted crepe with eggs and bacon, France is the paradise for those who love this amazing dish.






By: Archie Henderson

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