Non-fat dishes to enjoy in Chinese restaurants

Chinese food is delicious but not so "friendly" if you are trying to lose weight. However, there are still non-fat dishes that you can try.

No: Stir-fried noodles with vegetables

Wanting non-fat dishes does not mean ordering everything you see with the word "vegetables". Look again, fried noodles are sure to be extremely starchy. Each plate of stir-fried noodles with vegetables can contain about 900 calories. If the restaurant fries its foods with greasy sauces, the foods can make you gain even more weight.


Yes: Stir-fried tofu with vegetables

If you are a fan of meat, tofu and vegetables surely will be a boring combination. But compared to stir-fried noodles and vegetable, tofu and vegetables not only have the same taste, but also are rich in protein and contain very low cholesterol. After eating a large plate, you only load into your body 200 calories.


No: Steamed dumplings

It is not important whether it is pork, beef or chicken inside, it is important that the crust is starch. So, each little dumpling, which is even smaller than our palm, contains about 500 calories. Even if you eat vegetable dumplings, you will consume 400 calories each.


Yes: Wonton soup

Also containing protein-rich meat, but wonton is covered with a thin crust of flour, so a bowl of wonton soup provides only 100 calories. In addition, many studies show that eating hot soup helps you feel full faster and eat less at the main meal. This is a perfect dish for those who want to keep fit in Chinese restaurants.


No: Sweet and sour ribs

This is a very famous dish of Chinese cuisine, but also a dish that those who want to lose weight should avoid. Each piece of rib is covered with a layer of powder, fried with oil and then filled with sweet and sour sauce that contains a lot of sugar. For your information, each plate of sweet and sour ribs has about 800 calories.


Yes: Steam ribs with douchi and black beans

In contrast to the processing of sweet and sour ribs, steamed ribs usually do not contain or contain only a thin layer of dry powder to keep the ribs soft, and then are steamed with douchi sauce and black beans. This dish has a light taste, is rich in protein, low in fat and only contains about 300 calories each.


No: Sichuan shrimps

Sichuan shrimps are stir-fried shrimps with vegetables and hot spicy chili sauce or chili paste. It sounds appealing and shrimp do not make you fat, but remember that the sauce is soaked with oil. Each plate of this shrimp provides about 700 calories. Besides, too spicy sauce also stimulates the stomach, easily leading to stomach pain if you are not used to eat spicy foods.


Yes: Garlic herb roasted shrimp

This dish is better for your health than Sichuan shrimp. The shrimps are roasted, not fried or stir-fried so they contain very little oil. The garlic and herbs bring aromatic flavor too. Each shrimp plate only contains about 200 - 300 calories, healthy yet delicious.


No: Peking duck

This is a very famous dish, its taste is undeniably delicious, especially the crispy duck skin that melts on your tongue. But do you know, each duck contains nearly 2,000 calories, not including side dishes such as soup, stir-fried noodles, fried rice. So, think carefully before ordering these kinds of food.


Yes: Hong Kong style steamed fish

Every 100 grams of steamed fish only contains about 80 calories. Spices to steam fish include soy sauce, onion, ginger, which are all good for health and not fat. That means, if there is something in the Chinese restaurant you want to enjoy totally without worrying about weight, it is definitely steamed fish.


By: Archie Henderson

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