Hong Kong – The paradise of late night dishes

Eating late at night has even become a cultural feature of Hong Kong. If you have the opportunity to travel here, you certainly should not miss these famous places.

Sun Hing

Many people think that Sun Hing is a restaurant for foreigners only, but this is indeed a favorite destination of even locals. The restaurant opens at 3am and attracts a lot of customers. The highlight here is shaomai, fun guo and especially kimsa dumpling. The charm of these dumplings is the soft crust covering melting salted egg yolks inside. A little sweet with moderate salty, all will awaken your taste.


Block 18 Doggie's Noodle

Opening until 3am, this street stall serves full bowls of noodles in rich-flavored soup from dried shrimp and garlic. Do not forget to add fried fish skewers, the favorite street food in Hong Kong for better taste. You will lose less than $ 5 for this delicious bowl of noodles.


Kai Kai Dessert

If you are a fan of sweets and want to try Cantonese traditional desserts, try tong sui. Literally, "tong sui" means "sugar water", but you will find more than its name. Kai Kai Dessert is a popular place in Jordan and has many options for you to choose from such as black sesame seed, almond, red bean, sweet potato and ginger. Finally, the main ingredient is the sweet rice that will give you such amazing light and gentle flavor. Tong sui is actually a cool dish that cannot be more appropriate in the hot summer.



Ichiran in Hong Kong is the first stop in the famous Japanese noodles' journey to expand the brand name. With two locations - one in Tsim Sha Tsui, which opens until 4am and one at Causeway Bay, which opens 24 hours, you can enjoy Japanese ramen whenever you want. Ichiran's special feature is the space that is designed to create a private space for guests whether you go with someone or you are alone.


Lily & Bloom

If you are traveling in Central Hong Kong, stop at Lily & Bloom. This will be the perfect place for weekend entertainment with bars and restaurants. No need to go far, you can enjoy the taste of lobster, scallop sashimi while taking a delicious sip of cocktail. The restaurant opens until 2am at the weekend to serve its visitors.


Tsui Wah

Locals and tourists often flock to this restaurant to enjoy Hong Kong cuisine with a little influence from the taste of the West. Tsui Wah has branches throughout the city and usually opens quite late. If you have the opportunity to go to the restaurant, Hainanese chicken rice and toasted bread with condensed milk are two dishes you must definitely try.


Wing Wah

If you want to enjoy Hong Kong's traditional noodles, Wing Wah restaurant located in the Causeway Bay area is the destination for you. Opening until 2am, its menu is varied from beef, char siu and chicken breast noodles. The specialty of the restaurant is traditional wonton noodles. You can call water noodles or dry noodles with oyster sauce. All the dishes here are simply processed to retain their freshness, pure sweetness of the ingredients. A bowl of savory noodles with rich broth will definitely make you happy.


Chicken Hof & Soju

This Korean restaurant is available in many locations, but the Tsim Sha Tsui branch opens soonest, at 6am. Besides the familiar dishes such as grilled pork and kimchi, fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce is the star of the restaurant. Coming to Chicken Hof & Soju, you can enjoy crispy fried chicken pieces coated with a special sauce. For a more original Korean meal, beer and soju are indispensable.


By: Cole Guthrie

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