Historical facts about beer you may not know

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Behind the development of drink for the gods is interesting historical facts.


Ancient people said that beer was purer than water: According to the ancient encyclopedia of history, from 3,500-3,100 BC, people believed that beer was a clean drink, more pure than mineral water. Because harmful bacteria died during fermentation and beer contained many special nutrients that other beverages did not have. The origin of the beer was believed to be associated with ancient Africa, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia - the area of the Tigris-Euphrates River system in West Asia.


Brewing was an ancient religious activity. Beer brewing was done 6,000 years ago by the Sumerian tribe who lived in southern Mesopotamia (now in Iraq). Summer people worship Ninkasi beer goddess. The tribal "Hymn to Ninkasi" is used to sing the goddess. In the hymn contains the oldest beer recipe and describes the production of beer from barley. Historians have suggested that the Sumerians discovered the fermentation by accident, probably because a piece of bread was soaked after a period of fermentation and caused the person to become drunk when smelled or eaten.


Ancient people used straw to drink beer: Thousands of years ago, the ancients learned to make the most basic tools for drinking beer. Summer people, Babylonian or ancient Egyptians used reed, straw, even gold to make drinking straws.


In the 19th century, people came to know yeast:  Yeast is an integral part of this fine beverage production process. Although beer originated in ancient times, humans only really understood how the yeast worked since the 19th century. Yeast was first discovered in 1800 and its role was discovered by Louis Pasteur, the famous French scientist.


The climate in Germany and the Czech Republic makes the perfect beer: By the middle ages, all fermented beverages are considered beer. There are two types of beer in the world: Ale Beer and Lager Beer. Ale beer is produced by floating fermentation method, high temperature, fruit flavor. Lager beer is made by submerged fermentation, low temperature and very popular in Europe. This beer does not make the drink feel like a headache or intoxication like beer Ale. “Lager” in German means "to store". Germans from the Middle Ages began brewing beer in the icy caves of the Alps.


Germans have a special law for beer: In 1516, the king Duke Wilhelm IV (Bavaria) enacted the Reinheitsgebot, which is now understood to be the law of pure German beer. This rule stipulates that the only ingredients allowed for use in beer are hops, barley and water, which are later modified to supplement the yeast.


Guinness Brewery leased up to 9,000 years: By the end of 1759, Arthur Guinness, the founder of the world-famous brewery, signed a lease on a land plot in Ireland for a period of 9,000 years. According to local speakers, Guinness is confident in his beer. The brewery has existed here since its inception until now and until the end of the lease. The plant is located near the center of Dublin (Ireland). Every day, Guinness consumes 10 million beer mugs worldwide. Guiness Brewery becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations and is the pride of Ireland.


US President George Washington was a brewer: The US Public Digital Library archives a presidential diary. In his notebook, he records a recipe for brewing. The beer is said to contain low alcohol, low quality, produced to serve soldiers on the battlefield. George Washington also owns a brewery in Mount Vernon (USA).

By: Jonath Martin

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