Good foods for your bones that should not be overlooked

Daily nutrition plays a particularly important role in keeping bones strong and preventing joint deformities.

Daily nutrition plays a particularly important role in keeping bones strong and preventing joint deformities. Therefore, choosing good food for your joints in the daily meal helps prevent osteoarthritis. 

Green leafy vegetables 


Calcium is abundant in cabbage, cabbage, kale, turnips and radish. A cup of cooked radish leaves contains about 200mg of calcium (which meets 20% of the body's daily requirement). In addition, green leafy vegetables contain more vitamin K, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

Milk and dairy foods 


Milk is always the recommended food in the daily life because it contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the body. Milk is high in calcium - the constituent of bone - so drinking milk regularly will help prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bones. 



An average salt-free potato provides 31mg of magnesium and 542mg of potassium. These are two minerals that help keep your bones healthy. The body without magnesium will affect the vitamin D balance, affecting the bone. Potassium neutralizes acid in the body which can reduce calcium in the bones. 



Tomatoes are considered as green foods that bring many benefits to the body in general and health in particular. Tomatoes contain large amounts of vitamins that help prevent aging and provide collagen for the body. For musculoskeletal joints, tomatoes have a protective effect, preventing aging and relieving joint pain quickly.

Citrus fruits


Add a grapefruit for breakfast to awaken taste. Vitamin C is proven to help prevent osteoporosis. A red grapefruit contains about 91mg of vitamin C, which is what you need for the whole day. It can be replaced with an orange 83 mg of vitamin C. 



Cereals such as brown rice, wheat, rye, popcorn, and whole grains are all high in vitamins and minerals that increase immunity, increase resistance, prevent aging and slow down oxidation. 

Almond butter 


Two tablespoons of almond butter contain 112mg of calcium and 240mg of potassium with protein and other nutrients. 

Vegetable protein 

Half a glass of tofu contains more than 800mg of calcium. Studies show that soy isoflavones reduce osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. 

Green tea 


Green tea is often known as a high-potent antioxidant drink that reduces the risk of osteoporosis as it contains a significant amount of flavonoids. 

However, do not drink more than 3 cups of green tea a day because it can cause a headache, shortness of breath or symptoms difficult to digest in some people. Experts also recommend not drinking green tea before or after a 30-minute meal. 

By: Stephan Swift

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