Good foods for liver and skin

Here are some superb foods that will give you clear skin and cleanse your liver.

The liver is a part of the body that processes what you add to your body, transforms it into energy and nutrients to help keep your skin healthy.

When the liver works well, it burns fat in the body, converting the nutrients from the food into the necessary blood components. It also stores vitamins and minerals, which creates enzymes to maintain hormonal balance in the body. That is the great use of the liver to give you clear skin and cleanse the liver.

Here are some superb foods that will give you clear skin and cleanse the liver.

Green vegetables


Green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and kale can help the body to eliminate toxins from organs and blood. You can eat raw vegetables, cooked vegetables or vegetables juice. This can help you get beautiful skin and cleanse the liver effectively.


It is reported that grapefruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which increases the natural detoxification process. A glass of grapefruit juice can enhance the production of enzymes that dispose of the liver’s toxins, which inactivates the carcinogens and other toxins.


This is a super-detoxifying body food with high nutritional content that helps the body produce glutathione - a very essential ingredient for the liver to cleanse toxins.

Green tea


Green tea is considered as a good beverage for the liver because it contains plant-based antioxidants called catechins - a compound that supports the liver function. In addition, green tea not only purifies the body but also detoxifies the liver effectively.


It is reported that an apple contains a lot of pectin and the necessary chemical components for the body to help cleanse as well as release toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this assists the liver to work easily to handle the toxins in the body cleansing process.

Orange, lemon

Orangesa and lemons are also natural detoxifying detox foods, which contains high amounts of vitamin C that help to release toxins in the body through urine. Moreover, drinking lemon juice or orange juice after breakfast can help to stimulate the liver to function more effectively.



Instead of using white wheat foods, you should use whole grains such as brown rice, wheat, or millet, etc. These foods contain vintamin B that help improve the metabolism as well as helping to detoxify the liver.

In addition, you should avoid consuming fatty foods and alcohol drinks, as they can damage liver cells, as well as increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, allergies and many other diseases.

By: Alan Smith

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