Exploring the breakfast of children around the world

As breakfast, but across the continent, the kids have different menus. Let's around the world to see how diverse the children's food?


According to many scientists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, launching a new day full of energy. Breakfast for the growing children is so important. Let's go around the world and see what the kids in other continents eat for breakfast?


Paris, France:

Breakfast of a kid in France usually has fruits and products from barley, cereals. Typical meals include some kiwi slices; baguette with butter and strawberry jam; cereal with milk and orange juice. French children love to eat crepes with hot chocolate. However, this dish is not good for health in the long run. Sometimes the kids also eat croissants for breakfast.


Malawi, Lilongwe:

Little girls, boys in Lilongwe, a country in southern Africa, usually eat corn porridge, the local name is phala, with soybean meal and peanuts. The fried dishes are made from cornmeal, onion and garlic. Breakfast also includes boiled sweet potatoes and pumpkin with juice made from dried hibiscus. A popular drink for children in Malawi at breakfast is black tea.


Another popular meal for kids in Malawi is chikondamoyo - flavored like corn tortillas, along with boiled potatoes and black tea.


Reykjavik, Iceland:

Hafragrautur oatmeal porridge is a popular dish of many small children in Iceland. Oatmeal can be cooked with milk, along with brown sugar, olive oil, butter, fruit or yogurt. Babies in Iceland often take cod liver oil in the morning to supplement vitamin D for days lacking sunlight in Iceland.


Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Breakfast in the Netherlands for a baby is a glass of milk with butter bread. Especially sandwiches have "topping" with chocolate chips, vanilla or chopped fruit. The Dutch chocolate sandwiches are also called hagelslag. This is the most popular cake here.


Sao Paulo, Brasil:

There is coffee in every breakfast of Brazil. For many Brazilian parents, coffee for children is a cultural tradition. Many believe that coffee provides vitamins and antioxidants while enhancing the concentration on lessons. In addition, the breakfast also has meat, cheese and pão com manteiga - the name of bread with butter in Brazil.


Another breakfast enjoyed by children in Brazil is cereal, corn tortilla, banana cake and bisnaguinha - a popular white bread in Brazil. These pastries are usually served with the requeijão cream cheese.


Tokyo, Japan:

Japanese children prefer Western-style breakfasts rather than traditional ones. However, parents still want their children to grow up in Eastern culinary culture. A typical breakfast is fried green peppers with dried fish, soy sauce, sesame seeds; raw eggs mixed with soy sauce and hot rice; kinpira with fried carrot root and lotus root; miso soup; grapes and pears with fresh milk.


Istanbul, Turkey:

Brown bread with the green and black olives, Nutella, boiled eggs, strawberry jam, honey and Turkish cheese are the breakfasts of the Istanbul child. There are two famous kinds of cheese called ezine peyniri - made from cow's milk - and tulum peyniri - are brewed from goat milk.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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