Dairy products are actually not great as you think

Drinking milk for better health and height – is this "legend" truly reliable?

Dairy products with high nutritional value have long been considered one of the main sources of human energy. However, drinking too much milk to be "tall and strong" may be counterproductive. There are a lot of people experimenting with limited milk in their diet and claiming to be significantly healthier.

Indeed, here are the benefits you can get from restricting the use of dairy foods:


Better weight loss

According to Health magazine’s nutritionist Cynthia Sass, many of her patients lose weight faster after they remove dairy foods from their daily diet. Khloe Kardashian also confirms that the change has helped her to lose 13 lbs in 2 weeks.

This habit will show a more pronounced effect if you are already using plenty of dairy foods. Fresh milk, butter, yogurt or cheese presents a lot in our daily meal. Cakes, salads or other Western dishes with dairy ingredients often have high energy value, causing fat in the body. Therefore, you can start a more effective diet from this change.


Reduced bloating and indigestion

Lactose intolerance in dairy products is common nowadays. It happens to about 65% of the world's population. However, few people are aware of this because the disease appears only through symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea... They do not know bloating and indigestion are also noticeable signs. They show that your body cannot digest dairy foods easily.

The advice of nutritionists is that you do not need to completely eliminate your favorite foods, but you should have a reasonable ration. In particular, you should use dairy foods in the preparation or use with other foods. Do not eat too many dishes containing dairy products as the main ingredients such as ice cream, cakes...


Improved acne-prone skin

Margot Robbie once shared that her habit of denying dairy products had improved her acne-prone skin. Some medical studies from the 40's also pointed to this, although the results did not have high precision. However, modern dermatologists have suggested that hormones in milk may be the cause of acne.

In addition, dairy products are also some of the foods that cause severe inflammation of the body. Therefore, you should consider restricting dairy foods if you want to treat acne effectively.


Above are some of the benefits you can get if you limit dairy foods. However, this does not mean that milk is completely harmful to health. Dairy foods are a huge source of vitamin D and calcium needed for the body. The best advice is to keep your diet in moderation with plenty of nutrients. If you are considering complete removal of dairy, then immediately add other foods such as dark green vegetables, eggs, seafood... so that your body will not lose nutrition.

By: Lily Haney

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