Common food combinations that might harm your body

In our daily meals, we sometimes accidentally combine food without knowing that there may be interactions between them that cause nutritional loss or even toxins.

Cocoa and milk

Cocoa combined with milk is a tasty drink that we all love, but few know that this is a harmful combination to our body. Cocoa is rich in oxalic acid, which when combined with calcium can form oxalate crystals that can damage your kidneys. However, this only happens if you drink cocoa and milk too often. If you only enjoy this drink about once a week, you do not need to worry too much.


A more secure solution that you can choose is drinking a cup of cocoa with skim milk.

Toast and jam

Toast and jam are one of the many misconceptions that affect many people, since this popular breakfast appears frequently in our houses. Wheat flour combined with sweets will increase blood sugar levels. And this reaction will greatly affect your mood. Besides, the combination of starch and sugar can easily cause indigestion, leading to many uncomfortable pains in your abdomen.


To limit this situation, you can use unleavened bread instead of toast and replace jam with honey because it does not cause bowel instability and in general, it is a healthy product.

Cheese, pasta and tomato

These are 3 ingredients for a lot of attractive dishes, but their combination often causes many side effects. Tomatoes are rich in malic, oxalic, citric, which will interfere with the process of digesting the starch from pasta. Proteins found in cheese can also cause the same reaction. Therefore, these ingredients when combined together can easily cause abdominal pain, dyspepsia, dyspepsia, or flatulence.


The solution for you is to use these foods with fresh vegetables, they will make the digestion process much easier.

Cereal powder and milk or orange juice

Many people think that the combination of cereals and milk will increase the nutritional content of the dish, but this is a very wrong habit. The phytic supplements found in cereals are insoluble when they are combined with calcium and magnesium in milk, and this combination also prevents the absorption of these nutrients in your body.


Similarly, cereals and orange juice are not so good as expected. The acids in orange juice will significantly reduce the activity of enzymes that break down carbohydrates in cereals. So when you combine these foods, you are more likely to have stomach pain or diarrhea.

To change the situation, it’s best to boil the cereal powder in advance because the heat will damage phytic acid. In addition, it is best to drink a glass of orange juice or other juice one hour after the meal.

Egg and bacon

Egg and bacon are both energy-rich foods, and if you eat these two foods at the same time, your body loses a significant amount of energy to digest them. Besides losing energy, it might lead to even fatigue.


It is advisable for you to replace the bacon with tomatoes. The antioxidant selenium found in eggs will be digested better when it finds acids in tomatoes. And lycopene in tomatoes works better for health when you combine it with vitamin E from the egg yolk.

Pizza and soda

Soda is often used in conjunction with pizza for more flavor, but this is a very bad eating habit. Pizza is rich in starch, while soda is rich in sugar. The combination of sugar and starch causes the body to lose a lot of energy to digest. In addition, the amount of sugar in the soda will slow down the digestive process of the stomach and this leads to flatulence.


Therefore, any type of high sugar foods should be consumed 1 - 1.5 hours after eating.


By: Frank Richardson

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