Clean Eating - 5 simple rules to eat healthy

After a holiday or a summer trip to culinary heaven, you’re panicked by weight and acne? Do not rush to find tough detox methods, just try clean eating.

The advantage of the clean-eating diet is that there is no sudden change in nutrition that is harmful to your health. Here, we will suggest five easy principles that can not be simpler to help you maintain a clean and healthy diet, which is easy to apply no matter where you go.

Rule #1: Choose whole foods only

Whole foods in clean-eating diet means fresh, unprocessed, unmodified that consist of only whole bran and whole grain ingredients. For example, you should only eat raw oats and fresh strawberries instead of eating strawberry muffins.

For ready-to-eat foods, choose freshly-made dishes. Just say no to canned goods and chemical ingredients, colorants, flavors, preservatives. For example: eat home-made flan made from fresh eggs and raw milk, do not eat industrial flan made from milk powder, egg powder, odor, and sugar.

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Rule #2: Keep your meals as simple as possible

Fresh ingredients do not require too many other ingredients and spices to create delicious meals. When cooking or buying food, choose the simplest ingredients and recipes: steam, boil, sauté with a little olive oil, salt instead of bake, fry with a dozen of spices, sauces.

Despite containing a few dishes, the meals must still have enough nutrients: good starch (from brown rice, whole wheat bread, sweet potato, quinoa...), lean meat (from white meat, seafood, mushrooms, beans…) , fiber and vitamins, minerals (from vegetables and fruits), good fats (from olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, avocado...). For example, a simple nutritional clean-eating diet only needs: sautéed chicken breast and vegetables with sesame oil, served with brown rice.

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Rule #3: Eat slowly, chew thoroughly

If you are not used to eating slowly, try this fun tip: place your spoon or chopsticks down on the table after each time putting the food in your mouth. So you will have more time to chew the food thoroughly before continue eating . To eat clean, focus on the taste of the dishes, you will appreciate the food as well as understand what you are supplying your body more.

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Rule #4: Eat on time

Make time to schedule your eating routine, and be serious about it no matter how busy you are. Try not to have two meals more than four hours apart. For example: breakfast at 7am, lunch at 11am, snack at 3pm, dinner at 6pm or 7pm. The use of such a biological clock will help your internal organs (especially your stomach) to be healthier, more efficient and better absorb nutrients.

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Rule #5: Listen to your body

Eat when you feel a little hungry and stop when you feel full. It means don’t leave your body staving, nor spoil it too much. Listen to what the body demands and at the same time discipline it. From previous meals, calculate the amount of food for the next meal to avoid too little or too much food, leading to not consuming enough or consuming too much nutrients.

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By: Emma Chavez

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