Bresse: the most expensive chicken in the world

This special chicken named Bresse sold for up to 40 euros (about $ 48).

A small town in eastern France may be quite a remote place to visit just because of a plate of chicken. However, if you once enjoy chicken meat including grilled chicken breast served with tabbouleh malt salad with onion mushroom sauce here, you will find it worth it.


At Aux Terrasses restaurant - in the Tournus region that has been awarded the prestigious Michelin star (every year, Michelin-starred restaurants will be honored in the world's top culinary guide - The Michelin Guide - born from 1900). The special chicken dish named Bresse, sold for up to 40 euros (about $ 48), so is the most expensive chicken in the world.

The dish of Michelin chef


Top chicken dish- Bresse (Suprême de volaille de Bresse) is served with tabbouleh malt salad of chef Jean-Michel Carrette at Aux Terrasses restaurant. Chef Jean-Michel Carrette followed his father's kitchen career in 2005 and he has maintained the gold Michelin star to stay at Aux Terrasses restaurant convincingly with a bold and creative menu. He once said: "I want to eat Bresse and I feel lucky because the quality of chicken in this place is the best in the world".

Bresse chicken is a favorite of Michelin award-winning chefs, and also a favorite of French presidents. Former President François Hollande did not ask for anything but this chicken. Moreover, President Emmanuel Macron also admits he is an enthusiastic fan of Bresse chicken.

The chicken with the national flag's color

This type of chicken is raised in the rich land of Bresse. However, France only exports 5% of its products from Bresse chicken, so you probably need to come here to enjoy the taste of this dish.

According to the documents, Bresse is the land between the Doubs River and the Saone River, at the foot of the Jura Mountains. People here planted corn right from the New World (in the 1490s when Colombo discovered America). Poultry in the Bresse region was fully grown with corn.


Bresse chicken has been more and more famous since the nineteenth century when its crest, feather and skin color is similar to the French flag - blue legs, white body, and red crest.

Also, it became extremely well known from about 60 years ago, when Bresse chickens became the first live food to be recognized for breed protection (AOC) and are now widely accepted throughout the European Union, like Champagne, Parma ham or Stilton cheese.

Raising chickens with... milk

There are about 180 Bresse chicken farms licensed in the Bresse region. The Laurency's farm raises about 20,000 Bresse chickens each year.

"Not only is it raised in the Bresse region, but chickens want to be certified Bresse also must meet criteria to eat only what is cultivated in this region," said young farmer Anthony. By regulation, each chicken must live in a 10 square meter area.


Recipe of chicken feed that Anthony had just mixed: 700 kg of corn grown by his own family and 300 kg of wheat grain, added 7% of dried milk. "This food contains a fairly poor amount of protein in order to get the chickens to find insects, snails or grass to add nutrients to the body," Anthony said.


By: Kelly Jonas

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