9 foods that might drain your body

Dehydration is common in everyday life. There are many causes of dehydration, and one of them is foods.

1. Soda and other soft drinks

Soda contains not only sugar but also a lot of sodium that leads to dehydration in the body, and the reaction of the nerves with this condition is continual thirst as well as distraction by thirst.


2. Alcohol

It seems that drinking alcohol is providing water to the body. However, in fact, alcoholic beverages are actually taking water from the body. In medicine, alcohol is diuretic. That means it is capable of removing water and other body fluids. This may also explain why after drinking you often have a headache and a very thirsty feeling the next day.


3. Sugary drinks

Beverages that contain high levels of sugar create an acidic environment inside the body and make the kidneys work harder to remove acid and balance the body's solvents. This simply means removing water from the body and causing the body to lose water.


4. Salted meat

Most people are familiar with the meats that are seasoned to enhance the flavor, and of course salt and salty seasonings (fish sauce, soy sauce...) are indispensable. Yes, salted meat is extremely delicious and attractive. However, when protein combines with salt, they tend to dehydrate the body. Therefore, you should only eat salted meat occasionally, and do not forget to add water to the body.


5. Coffee

Coffee is also a diuretic drink as alcohol. However, studies show that caffeine in coffee can accelerate the absorption of water and cause the body to dehydrate faster. There is a reason why they say:  Hydrate before you caffeinate, you know.


6. Bread, pancake and waffle

Sodium is responsible for dehydration. And sodium is also the main ingredient in baking pastry to prevent fermentation. That’s why consuming bread, pancake and waffle can lead to dehydration.


7. Canned foods

Salt can prevent bacteria from growing in foods. As a result, canned foods are often saltier than other foods to prolong the shelf life of the food. The main ingredient in salt is sodium, so these salty foods can also dehydrate the body.


8. Sport drinks

Sports drinks should contain plenty of sodium to replenish the immediate energy needed for athletes. Besides, like soda, high levels of sodium also make you thirsty faster and want to drink more. Therefore, when drinking kinds of sports drinks, you need to be aware of providing adequate water to the body so that these drinks do not dehydrate and harm your body.


9. Salty sauces

As noted above, salty sauces like fish sauce or soy sauce have a high sodium content, which can drain your body. However, this does not mean that you should completely remove the salt and the above foods from your daily meal so that the body does not be dehydrated. Actually, this means that you should balance salts in the diet as well as replenish water for the body.


By: Archie Henderson

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