9 delicious soups around the world

Menudo (Mexico), Mulligatawny (India) or Borsch (Russia) are famous soups around the world and are popular with many diners.

Soup is usually a mixture of ingredients, flavour. Maybe they are so delicious and they make many customers feel good.

The original soup was made for two main purposes: to increase the amount of food when the ingredients were too low and to make full use of the nutrients from bone and pulp.

According to the development of life, the differences in culture and climate make soup many variants in each country. Some of them became famous, attracting customers everywhere thanks to the special flavors and delicious colors.

Fanesca soup in Ecuador


Fanesca is Ecuador's favorite dish. This soup is the main ingredient of cod and is only enjoyed during Holy Week.

For the people of Ecuador, Fanesca is not simply a dish, but also as an image of religious belief.

Milk, pumpkins, onions, nuts and other ingredients combine to create a delicious flavor and stimulate taste. Fanesca is often served with Empanadas, fried bananas and boiled eggs.

Butajiru Soup in Japan


Maybe many people will think of Miso when it comes to Japanese soup. In fact, Japanese cuisine is quite rich and people also create many other delicious soups. In it, it’s unable not to mention butajiru, also known as tonjiru - a pork soup.

The main ingredients of this soup are thin slices, seaweed, soy sauce, and some other vegetables. Butajiru is a staple food in the cold winter months in Japan.

Bouillabaisse Seafood Soup in France


Like many other favorite dishes, bouillabaisse soup has a simple start point. After each departure, fishermen from the Marseille region filtered fish for sale. Excess bone is used to prepare seafood stew.

The most important step in processing bouillabaisse soup is to boil: fish and the ingredients must be cooked in water quickly.

Borsch Soup in Eastern Europe


Borsch, borscht, borsht, or bortsch are the names of a favorite dish in Eastern European countries. The most recognizable feature of this dish is its distinctive red color, made from red radishes.

Borsch Soup is thought to have been created by the Ukrainian, combining beef, potatoes, red radish, and spices.

This dish can be eaten hot or cold but delicious Eastern European food is eaten in winter to dispel the cold.

Shark Fin Soup in China


Shark fin soup is listed as a delicious dish and is one of many expensive dishes not only in China. In the past, this dish was reserved only for kings or noblemen on a special occasion.

As the name suggests, this soup is made entirely from the fins of the shark. This dish became famous and expensive due to the sophistication of processing, the difficulty in finding raw materials and the rumors about the ability to heal, improve health.

Avgolemono Soup in Greece


Avgolemono is a dish that intrigues the traditional Greek cuisine. Avgolemono is also known as Lemon Egg Soup because of the egg and lemon in the soup. This dish is usually made from chicken and a cereal like an orzo or rice.

The hardest part of making avgolemono soup is when preparing eggs. Eggs must be very spongy and put in the soup after adjusting to a certain temperature.

Harira Soup in Morocco


Harira is a soup of lamb and tomato stew. The flavors and ingredients of this soup will vary from region to region. Apart from lamb and tomato stew, you can add lentils, green beans, onions, coriander and spices such as turmeric, cumin and chili powder.

Harira is especially delicious when served with dates or chebakia (made with sesame and honey).

Mulligatawny Soup in India


Mulligatawny soup from the 18th century so far has been controversy about its homeland. Many people think that the soup is a pungent soup directly into the nose is the product of the Indians. Some people believe that the combination of chicken or lamb, onion, tomato and chili came from British colonists.

Mulligatawny gradually became a traditional dish, present everywhere in India. It can make a frown at the first moment due to the pungent taste but when you can taste it, you will find familiar and love.

Menudo Soup in Mexico


Menudo is a Mexican-made soup made from beef viscera and some onions, coriander, oregano, and chili for 7 to 10 hours. This soup is quite spicy taste so not everyone can eat.

Mexicans believe that this dish is so healing that it can be enjoyed and eaten on special occasions and holidays.

By: Relly Jonas

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