8 foods that help pregnant women reduce stress

Pregnancy makes women heavy, tired and more stressed, especially in hot summer weather. Here are some foods that help mums improve stress and create a sense of comfort.

No.1. Milk 


Milk is one of the products rich in calcium and vitamin B that provide the nutrients needed to grow bones and protect the nervous system. In addition, high levels of protein in milk can reduce stress, enhance memory, improve mood and stimulate mood. 

No.2. Water 


When people fall into stress, the body is prone to dehydration. Therefore, moms need to immediately refill this essential drink to supplement the body to resist the cause of fatigue. This is also the simplest and most effective natural remedy for the pregnant women. 

No.3. Yogurt 


The sweet and delicious yogurt has conquered the harshest pregnant women. Not only does yogurt contain many types of bacteria that are beneficial for digestion, but also provides a rich source of protein for pregnant women. Therefore, it can maintain long-term excitement and pleasure by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood. 

No.4. Fish 


Fish is not only a good warrior against stress but also good for the brain and heart. Omega 3 fatty acids are abundant in fish, which provides essential nutrients for pregnant women and helps newborns grow healthy. In the early stages of pregnancy, eating fish is good for the health of pregnant women because it reduces the risk of preterm and low birth weight and reduces the risk of postpartum depression. In addition, pregnant women eat more fish also help increase the intelligence in children. 

However, the mother should pay attention to limit the intake of fish containing high levels of mercury such as shark and swordfish. 

No.5. Sweet potato 


Sweet potatoes are a popular and cheap dish, but the benefits we get from them are extremely large. Sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrate that stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin. The insulin will balance the sugar and amino acids in the blood. Sweet potatoes also help increase the seratonin level, which is responsible for feeling comfortable and operating  good sleep for the body. 

No.6. Walnut 


Walnuts help strengthen muscles during pregnancy, reducing fatigue for mothers during postpartum period. In addition, walnuts help boost the immune system by killing bacteria. 

Additionally, walnuts contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids well for mother's health. Omega-3 helps the nervous system to function well and complete. If the brain is deficient in this fatty acid, the pregnant women will feel unsettled and anxious. 

No.7. Orange


Orange is a fruit that contains lots of vitamin C, folic acid and fiber that are good for the mother's body. During hot summer days, change your existing carbonated drinks or canned drinks with a cool orange juice to relieve stress and bring back fresh and healthy skin. 

No.8. Banana 


Bananas are a magnesium-rich food source that can improve neurological problems such as stress and psychological disorders, always feeling anxious. Getting enough magnesium will help moms reduce anxiety and sleep well. 


By: Gitta Russell

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