8 delicious Korean dishes that please both children and adults

Korean Cuisine, or Hansik, is one of Korean culture export strategies to the world. Here are 8 famous Korean dishes that fascinate both adults and children.



When the weather is cold, having the barbeque with soju is great. The standard Korean BBQ must be roasted together with bacon, onion, garlic for aroma, then wrapped with vegetables, along with the accompanying dishes and special sauce.


Fried Chicken:

It has been said that there are more fried chicken stores in Korea than all McDonald's in the world combined. It is also possible to imagine how fried chicken is famous in Korea. When you eat fried chicken in Korea, you have many options for the famous fried chicken such as Kyochon Chicken, Oppadak or BHC Chicken.


Each brand has its own secret of fried chicken to add variety to the customer’s taste. If you choose the fried chicken, then you will have a headache to choose the taste of chicken for your meal, each has unique characteristics such as garlic chicken, spicy chicken, grilled garlic chicken, sweet chicken.



Bingsu is a famous dessert among young Koreans with the main ingredient ice cream ice cream, which causes numbness in the tongue. Based on the original basic flavor, people start processing into many varieties such as chocolate Bingsu, fruit Bingsu, green tea Bingsu and red bean Bingsu.


Gyeran Bbang Egg Cake:

Gyeran Bbang eggshell is also a favorite Korean dish. This cake is a little sweet, soft and slightly moist with a fragrant eggshell, fatty cheese hidden inside the cake.


Bungeo-ppang Fish-shaped Cake:

Bungeo-ppang is a popular street food not only appealing to children but also captivates tourists when visiting Korea. You can easily see these scented cakes near the subways of Seoul. This is a popular dish so the price is also very popular only about 2,000 won for 3 "carp" made from wheat flour with a sweet red bean paste.


The Bungeo-ppang goldfish cake with this charming aroma will always make customers eager and enjoy the tasting, especially the young guests.



Hotteok is not only attractive to children but also to adults. This is a pancake-like cake made of steamed dough with brown sugar, cinnamon, sesame and peanuts which are crushed. One of the best hotteok stores is Teolbone in Insadong. Hotteok cakes are also found in crowded or festive places such as the Namdaemun Market.


32 cm Cinnamon Ice-cream Corn:

The hot weather with a 32 cm long cinnamon ice-cream corn is even better. You can easily find this fresh cream at the busy Myeongdong shopping district or near shops and supermarkets. Ice cream has many flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, melon ... all are fresh and delicious.


Tornado Potato:

If someone loves to eat potato chips, tornado potato is the street food that can’t be ignored when coming to Korea. With an eye-catching shape of about 30 cm high, sprinkled with chili powder or cheese powder, tornado potato will definitely be a favorite for young people, especially children.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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