8 benefits of vegetarian diet to health

A vegetarian diet doesn't only contributes to the sustainability of food sources but also brings great health benefits.

If you still have not decided whether to switch to a vegetable-based diet, the undeniable benefits of vegan diet given by blogger Jen Miller may be enough to help you feel free.

1. The vegan diet can improve physical fitness


According to Jen Miller, many athletes, from tennis stars to bodybuilders, are following a vegetarian diet to improve performance. That's because plant-based diets are thought to give people "more energy, less pain and better health.

Julieanna Hever, the author of the book on plant-based diets, also confirmed that plant-based diets with faster recovery rates could maximize exercise to improve performance.

2. Vegan diets support for weight loss


Weight loss can be considered as a direct result of vegetarianism or veganism, as these diets "tend to reduce the intake of fat, and vegetarians tend to eat more unsaturated fats than saturated fat compared to non-vegetarians.

The weight loss benefits of vegetarianism have also been demonstrated in many scientific studies, with the notion that the body weight of vegetarian diets is consistently decreasing compared to those who choose other diets.

3. Vegetarians have less migraine

No one wants to have a migraine - the disease can be irritated by food. Most people with a migraine are advised for some stimulant such as chocolate, cheese and wine.

However, a group of researchers has found that plant-based diets and low-fat diets can benefit patients. In this study, 42 patients with a migraine were randomized to either a vegetarian diet or a placebo supplement for 26 weeks. The results show that vegetarians significantly reduce pain, as well as body weight and cholesterol levels.

4. Vegans can be happier and less stressed


Science has shown that vegan diet can help people deal with stress and anxiety. Jen Miller reiterated a study in 2015 when participants were surveyed about mood, diet and lifestyle factors, thereby detecting the correlation between a healthy vegetarian diet and the level of lower anxiety.

5. The vegetarian diet helps to balance hormones

Hormones control most of the body's major functions, including hunger, reproduction, emotion and mood. Jen wrote that hormones like estrogen can also be responsible for causing breast cancer if the concentration is too high. She explained that animal fats are thought to increase estrogen levels, while those who choose diets from plants have more sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This suggests that vegetarian diets can control hormone levels, ensuring that they are not too high.

6. Vegan diet gives you great skin


The Papuan New Guinea's Kitavan population has beautiful skin, presumably due to its diet. The people here are mainly living on food made from low fat, unprocessed food, so the scientists believe there is a correlation between the diet and the skin without acne of the people here.

The study also demonstrated that dairy products can lead to acne, as well as canned foods related to high blood glucose levels, but vegetarian diets eliminate both this and also help your skin whiter.

7. Vegans are less likely to have the smell of the body

The toxins we emit through the sweat glands produce body odors, so the food we eat directly affects the smell of our bodies. Red meat is thought to be the leading cause of body odor.

8. Vegetarian people have a low BMI


As we all know, having a healthy BMI will increase your chances of staying healthy and staying longer, reducing the risk of developing various serious illnesses including heart disease, stroke and bone problems and the countless cancers. And according to various studies, vegetarian’s BMI is always lower than those of other diets.

By: Vegett Johnson

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