7 noteworthy foods that you should use in right time

Eating and drinking should also follow the science to avoid harming the body. Some foods that you eat at the wrong time will react and damage your own health.

Here is a note about the using times of foods that are very familiar to your family.

Do not drink orange juice at night


Do not eat oranges or drink orange juice in the evening, because orange juice has the effect of diuretic, easy to cause urinary retention and sleep deprivation. Also, before you go to bed, if you drink orange juice, your saliva does not burn as much as you do when you are awake, and the amount of acid that is attached to your teeth will attack and damage your enamel. It is best to eat oranges and drink orange juice in the morning, this time is best, which helps the stomach easily absorb nutrients.

To avoid eating yogurt late at night



Yogurt is recommended to eat in the morning because, at this time, yogurt helps digestion of the stomach is very good. The bad time to eat yogurt is at night because it can affect respiration, sputum and cough.

Sugary foods should be given priority in the morning



In the morning eating sugar, the body will be better than the day. Insulin in the body also helps to break the sugar more effectively in the morning, thereby reducing the risk of sugar accumulation in the body. Conversely, using more sugar at night increases the risk of body fat storage, affecting digestion and causing sleep problems.

Do not eat beans before going to sleep


It is known for being high in fiber, good for digestion and low in bad cholesterol, beans perform this task best if eaten in the morning or afternoon.

In contrast, eating beans at night, fiber in beans will cause indigestion. In addition, beans help stabilize blood pressure and support the activity of the lungs. These functions are also effective when you pass in the morning or afternoon. Eating beans at night is easy to gain weight, increase fat and calories.

Eating meat at lunch is best


Meat is almost always present in every meal, but you know the best time to eat meat is at noon. Meat is rich in iron, actively supports many activities and organs in the body, helping the body does not fall into fatigue, especially for the manual workers. However, the average meat needs 5 hours to digest, so it is necessary to spaced meat lunch and meat dinner. Eating meat in the evening near the bedtime will adversely affect the digestive system.

Do not drink tea in the morning


The bad time to drink tea is always early in the morning because caffeine in tea will cause acidity and dehydration. In addition, tea can be taken at any time. However, it is advisable to limit your intake at night as it will cause sleep problems.

Do not eat sweet potatoes when hungry


Sweet potatoes are a very good food for the digestive system, which contains lots of starch, providing a large amount of energy to the body. However, if the stomach is "screaming", eating sweet potatoes will lead to the damage to your stomach. The reason is that sweet potato contains many gastrointestinal stimulants of the stomach makes you feel discomfort and heartburn.

By: Mithrine Smith

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