7 mistakes to avoid when frying food

Fried food is very popular during daily meals, but you don't always fry properly, it will make the dish unattractive.


1. Frying at the wrong temperature

The temperature when frying food is very important, you need to be equipped with a thermometer to measure accurately. When you fry at low temperatures, the food will be soft, mushy and oily. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, the food will rise quickly, the part inside is rough. The standard way of looking at a temperature without a thermometer is to look at the bubbles that escape just right from the fried dish. In addition, the standard temperature when frying is about 176 - 190 degrees Celsius.


2. Using non-standard cooking oil:

Using the right type of cooking oil is essential to successful frying. Common cooking oils are soybean oil and vegetable oil that is resistant to high temperatures and obscure the smell of food you are frying. However, the best choice for fried dishes is pure olive oil, good in both quality and taste.


3. Frying too much food at the same time:

When placing food in a fryer, the temperature of the cooking oil will temporarily decrease to taste the dish. To keep the frying pan temperature stable, do not fry too much food at the same time and there should be a time between released food. A general rule is that regardless of the size of the frying pan, you should never use less than one liter of cooking oil.


4. Using fried dough in the wrong way:

When frying your favorite dish, you can use a variety of fried dough such as bread crumbs, flour or tempura flour. Generally, the crispy fried dough should have a moderate density. Thus, you are sure that fried dough still covers food and does not slip out when frying. A useful tip for you is that the dough should be kept as cold as possible, even if you can always keep it in the refrigerator.


5. Preparing incorrectly:

A common mistake when preparing is adding salt to food before baking or frying. This is completely wrong because if you do that you will accidentally remove the crispness of the dish. In addition, before covering in fried dough you need to absorb all the water with oil blotting paper to avoid the same situation.


6. Using the wrong pan:

Obviously using a frying pan with great depth is a perfect choice. However, if not, you need to choose a large pot and deep enough to distribute the oil temperature evenly. The low-bottomed pots will not evenly distribute the temperature, so the frying oil is easy to spill and you can even get oil shot out.


7. Using fried food in the wrong way:

After the frying is finished, you should not cover the fried food as this will create moisture that makes the crust wet and soft, losing crunchy feeling. The best way is after frying, you should use a towel to drain the oil, then gently season with salt and use immediately.

By: Abigail Harris

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