6 traditional Swiss dishes that evoke appetite

Switzerland is a fascinating destination for vacation, but your trip will not be perfect without cuisine. So, note these amazing dishes in Switzerland to complete it.



Rösti, a potato dish rooted in the Bern region, is a popular breakfast in Switzerland. The national dish is made by grilling or frying. Pieces of potato have many shapes that bring the flavor of fatty melts right into the mouth. A complete Rösti in addition to potatoes also includes cheese, eggs, sausage, and spinach. The combination of crispy crust outside along with the soft inner layer creates an extremely delicious dish. 

Fondue Cheese 


Fondue Cheese or cheese hotpot is considered a proud food symbol in Switzerland. The main ingredient of the dish is a combination of two types of cheese- gruyère and emmentaler. Add garlic, cornstarch to make up the fragrance and smoothness for the dish. To keep the flexibility, when serving Fondue Cheese people will usually keep them in a special pot called caquelon and cook on a small fire. Of course, no one will eat only cheese but must combine with other dishes such as toast bread and beef. 



Sternusstorte sometimes referred to as the "engadinernusstorte", is the most popular and traditional pastry in Switzerland. They originate from the state of Graubünden and have many different formulas varying according to taste. However, the basic ingredients must include flour, sugar, eggs, dried seeds, cream ... Outside the cake is a crisply grilled powder while the inside of the cake brings sweet, fatty. All blends in a way that creates a delectable and attractive dessert. 

Saffron Risotto 


Saffron is a plant grown in the canton of Valais and used by Swiss people to combine luganighe, spices, rice... to form Saffron Risotto. This rice is made by Italian recipe, cooked slowly until it reaches a comparable and soft taste. The dish of eye-catching yellow color with an attractive aroma, harmony of all flavors will make you have an appetite. 




Originated in neighboring Germany, Älplermagronen is an interesting variant made from macaroni. This dish is a perfect mix of cheese, potatoes, onions, milk, and cream. The most special ingredient is apples, stew softly with noodles to create natural sweetness. Smoked meat and sausage are also the popular ingredients combined to bring the overall taste. 




Switzerland has many attractive cakes but Zofp is the most attractive and popular name. Zopf means "braided" because it looks like a golden braid. This bread is made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter, and yeast. After kneading the mixture, people will make a braid and cover the yolk to create a color and add aroma.

By: Jonath Martin

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