6 stinky dishes that still receive good compliments

Some bizarre specialties in countries have a hard smell to haunt many people, but they are favorite dishes for many diners.


Japan is famous for having unique dishes. In it, fermented soybean dish, also known as natto, makes anyone who enjoy the first time unfamiliar with taste feel like vomiting because of the scent. To make this traditional dish, soybeans are fermented at temperatures of about 40 degrees Celsius for 14-18 hours, until the beans turn brown, sticky, and have a strong odor.


The Japanese believe that the more viscous the natto is, the sweeter and delicious it will taste. Fermented soybeans are often used in miso soup, ramen noodles, served with sushi, white rice, and even mixed with raw chicken eggs. Japanese people use natto daily because they think it is good for health.


Korea is famous for its soybean paste, including Doenjang. Doenjang is a concentrated type, made from fermented soybeans in sealed jars. The scent of the soybean paste when it was original is very strong and hard to smell, but the dishes made from Doenjang like hotpot and soybean soup is very satisfied by the guests.


Limburger cheese originated in the 19th century in the region near present-day Belgium and the Netherlands. This cheese has a scent like stinky socks, which is annoying for those who first time enjoy it. Only gourmets feel the taste of Limburger. According to the milk marketing department of Wisconsin (USA), the milk processing factory here has to relocate the place of cheese production from the residential area for tens of kilometers to avoid the smell.


Not only is the traditional Chinese delicacy, but rotten tofu is also no stranger to gourmets. However, this dish still makes anyone who first sniffs the nose feels panic because of the unpleasant scent. There are many ways to make rotten tofu, depending on the cycle in which the dish has different "rotten" and different colors. Chinese people and gourmets believe that the more rotten the tofu is, the more delicious it is.


Lutefisk (fermented cod) is a famous Norwegian delicacy, which appeared in the Swedish horror food museum in October 2018. To make this dish, fresh cod will be soaked in alkaline chemical bottles until being fermented and smelling up. Then it will be processed or dried gradually. The dish has a fishy smell but it is a specialty of Northern Europe.


Vieux Boulogne cheese in France is known as the most rotten food in the world. According to the Telegraph, scent experts describe the taste of this cheese as the smell of a public toilet that has not been cleaned for a long time. However, Vieux Boulogne cheese is still favored by cheese lovers in the world. 

By: Jonath Martin

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