6 kitchen tips you need to know to avoid wasting food

Buy what you really need, making a list, measuring the ingredients, understanding the shelf life of foods... are what you can do to avoid wasting.

If you are concerned about the amount of waste in the environment, you can start with your kitchen by avoiding wasting food every day. Changing the following simple habits can help you notice the difference. Not only will you save yourself more money, you will also help our Earth receive less waste from the environment.


Make a tactful shopping strategy

Every day you go to the market, try to list the foods you will prepare in the menu that day. Do not buy what you think you will use later, just buy things that are clearly listed. In addition, many people often buy a lot of food to hoard and save time, but this habit will make it easier to waste food.

Do your shopping several times a week and list what you want to buy to avoid being attracted to discount (this rule is recommended in all shopping cases). Also, learning how to estimate the food needed for each family member is also an optimal way to avoid food waste.


Avoid processed and canned food

The use of processed food often saves time but does not bring as many nutrients as you want. If you choose to buy them, you should check out expiry date and buy just enough. Storing a large amount of canned food without using will be a huge waste. In addition, you will also dispose of large amounts of cans (usually made from plastic and metal).

Instead, you should cook with fresh food. Not only does it make your dishes tastier, fresh food also helps you control its condition as well as plan your cooking and storage more sensibly.


Learn to preserve food properly

Each food will have a preservative method that you should know. For example, some vegetables should not be cleaned before being chilled, because the process causes mold to form. Fruits like bananas, tomatoes, and mangoes have ethylene that can stimulate the surrounding fruits to get ripe faster. So you need to sort and separate them from the remaining fruits.

There is a lot of knowledge about food preservation that you can refer to online. You should take advantage of these methods to avoid wasting food.


Use your refrigerator as an indispensable device

Refrigerators have long become an indispensable item in the kitchen of any house. Not only they help you keep your food fresh, but they also help you preserve leftovers.

However, refrigerators are not safe all the time. Remember to always keep your refrigerator clean to prevent bacteria from entering your food and ruining your meal.


Do not let the perfectionist inside haunt you

Housewives are often eager to bring fresh food to their family members, especially mothers who care for their children. This thought has become an obsession for many people. When food becomes "ugly" or not as fresh as it was at the supermarket, they are willing to throw it away and replace old food with a fresh one.

This action is not worth any condemnation, but you can consider cutting off the damaged parts or wiping them out and using the rest. This method will reduce your home pressure significantly and will not cause food waste.


Use fermented food

Fermenting food is an easy and enjoyable method that you can apply to vegetables and fruits. For example, turns a ripe apple into fermented apple, or make pickles. These foods do not just bring you a good meal, they can also help you save a small amount of money for other things.


By: Olivia Mendoza

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