5 good vegetables for baby-led weaning

There are many kinds of vegetables that are good for the baby, but mothers need to know what kind of need for the baby's age.

Babies start to eat of nutrients that are good for the health and development of young children, so good vegetables for babies led weaning is also very important.

Good vegetables for the baby below will be very necessary for the development of children so the mother should be mindful of feeding your baby. Note for corn you only feed when your baby is over 1 year old, because corn is very allergic to the baby. 



For this type of vegetables, moms do not usually go to her menu because it has a strong smell that the baby will refuse to eat and thinks it is not very nutritious. However, in fact, radish is rich in nutritional value and healthy vegetables for the baby. Very rich in vitamin C, calcium and protein along with fiber, radish contains natural sweeteners to help children eat more delicious. Parents can feed their baby with turnips when they are 6 to 8 months old, over 8 months you can also boil radish cut into pieces for babies.



You should also use celery for children to eat because celery contains a lot of nutrition for children to eat. Celery is rich in vitamin K, is one of the good vitamins for blood and blood pressure. In addition, it also provides fiber, vitamin B6. You can cook celery with porridge, the flour along with beef, pork, and potatoes, tomatoes, carrots for baby from 8 months.



Potatoes are high in nutritional value, including starches, vitamins A and C. According to the study, a potato contains 252 calories, so when you cook for your baby you should reduce the rate of porridge or flour a little.  The moms should feed babies from 8 months or more potatoes because they need more carbohydrates during this period.



For mothers who do not feed their baby with eggplant is a deficiency in the nutrition of children. Nutrition of eggplant is very good because it contains more fiber should help baby to digest well and have healthy intestines. According to health experts, the time when the baby is familiar with eggplant when your baby is from 8 to 10 months, you can also process both of shell and meat of the eggplant for the baby but for children with a poor digestion, only the meat of the eggplant should be processed.



Corn has a lot of nutrients that contain ingredients like protein and carbohydrates, which helps to have a good amount of energy. However, corn is less nutritious when compared to other vegetables. Because the corn can be allergic to the child so it is recommended that you only give the babies when they are 1 year old. The way to process corn as you can boil and grind corn kernels.

By: Roxana Edwards

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