5 foods and drinks beautiful women use daily

Have you ever wondered what thin women eat in their daily meals?

1. Green tea


Green tea is a great drink for your health. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (USA) found that people who drink more green tea could lose nearly 2kg in 12 weeks, even without changing anything else in their diet. .

In addition, tea drinkers tend to have lower BMI, and their waist-level, and body fat is less than non-tea drinkers. Because both caffeine and catechins (an antioxidant found in green tea) increase the amount of calories that your body can burn and promote fat oxidation up to 24 hours after you consume foods.

2. Milk, butter


A recent research study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also found that women who eat the serving of milk or cheese per day are less likely to gain weight than women who avoid eating it.

The study's researchers say that when you consume milk containing fat, it will make you eat less food. Fatty acids in milk enhance your metabolism and regulate the hormone.

3. Eggs


Recent studies have found that eating eggs for breakfast instead of using grains can help you control your hunger throughout the day.

Eggs are rich in protein, and ‘move’ more slowly through your digestive tract, which makes you feel full and control your hunger. In addition, protein is the primary source of gaining muscle.

However, you should only eat up to 3 yolks per week.

4. Pears


A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences has found that eating a pear per day can help you fight obesity. Specifically, studies show that pear-eaters are less likely to be obese by 35% than those who do not.

This is true even if both groups of people have the same consumption level of calories. It can be seen that the high fiber in pears can keep you feeling full all day.

5. Almond


It is important to have some snacks throughout the day to avoid eating junk food. Keeping your blood sugar stable can prevent appetite and help you avoid consuming junk food.

Studies published the International Journal of Obesity show that people who eat almonds for 70 days can reduce their body’s fat content by 18% over the course of six months. In addition, researchers said that the combination of unsaturated fats, proteins and fiber makes them feel full faster and longer. For the best results, you can choose salads or fresh almonds and salty almonds.

By: Hilary Brown

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