5 common yet extremely great foods for your eyes

Just like skin or hair, eyes need special care to be healthy. So, which foods are good for the eyes that you need to replenish right away?

These days, with the development of technology as well as the cycle of our busy life, our eyes have to work hard all day long. However, many people are not so interested in taking care of their eyes with good food for the eyes, leading to countless problems like cataract, premature aging, or bad vision at night...

For healthy eyes, you should add lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. Also, you should balance your meals with foods that contain protein, milk, fruit and vegetables. In addition, you can refer to some of the following foods:

1. Fishes

Fish, especially salmon, is a very good source of food for the eyes. When you eat fish, you are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, a form of fat that is very nutritious. At the same time, omega-3 fatty acids are able to improve vision and help the eyes, the retina remain strong and prevent dry eyes.

So, you should start adding salmon meat to your meal today. When buying fish, choose wide caught fish instead of farm raised fish. Farm raised salmon contains more saturated fat and less omega-3 fatty acids.

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2. Egg

Eggs are also good for the eyes. Egg yolks contain vitamin A, lutein, eaxanthin and zinc, which are essential nutrients for the eyes. Vitamin A helps protect the cornea, lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract, while zinc plays a supporting role in the retina. In particular, zinc also helps the eyes see better at night.

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3. Almond

If you want to look after your eyes without spending too much time, you can try almonds. This is a vitamin E-rich nut that helps protect the eyes against cataracts. The ideal portion of almond for each day is about 1 ounce of almonds, or about 23 almond nuts. Alternatively, you can replace almonds with sunflower seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts.

The processing of almonds is also very simple. You can eat it or mix the nut with salad, cereal or yogurt. Almonds contain large amounts of protein so you should measure the right dose to balance energy intake.

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4. Carrot

Carrots have long been considered as an amazing food for the eyes. Just like egg yolks, carrot contains vitamin A and beta carotene. These are two very good substances for protecting the eyes, improving the condition of the eyes and preventing some diseases.

In addition, you can eat carrots without cooking, especially little carrots. At the same time, you can bake a cake or make smoothie from carrots to make it even tastier.

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5. Orange

Orange and citrus fruits in general contain a lot of vitamin C, which is the best remedy for the eyes. Vitamins in these fruits help strengthen the blood vessels of the eyes. In addition, they also prevent eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

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By: Vivian Cooper

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