5 cities with the best cheap food

Singapore, Hong Kong and London are known as three of the most luxurious cities in the world, but food there is incredibly cheap.

Singapore, Hong Kong and London are known as the most expensive destinations in the world. However, here are three of the five names mentioned in the list of cities with excellent cheap food. 



The Chan Hong Meng Restaurant in Chinatown Singapore is one of the first two street restaurants to be honorably awarded the prestigious Michein star. You can enjoy the famous soya-sauce chicken rice and noodle here and the price is only about $ 2. However, the problem is that you will have to queue for quite a long time because Chan Hong Meng's restaurants attract a huge crowd per day. 

Hong Kong


For a city where scouring an entire district and eating street foods -- or sou gaai (street-sweeping) in local lingo -- is considered a preferred weekend activity, it's no surprise that Michelin decided to launch its first-ever street food guide in Hong Kong.

Dimsum, a Hong Kong-style food brand, has long been considered a standard in the qualified low-cost food group in the Michelin Guide's guide rating system. Kowloon lost its star in 2016, however, Kowloon's sister, Sham Shui Po, still holds its true value. A big meal here costs only $ 10.



You will have chance to directly witness the chefs preparing your meals in the Spain-style salty food restaurant chain in London. Of course, the quality of the dishes is worth mentioning. You will only have to spend about $ 25 for a meal (with a drink) for two at the restaurant.



Tokyo is home to more Michelin-starred restaurants than any city in the world  but Japanese cuisine often gets reduced to one thing: sushi. If you love something different, visit Teppen: Nakameguro, for grilled food. 

"They are very famous for grilling extremely fresh ingredients in front of you, with special kinds of charcoal that can grill fresh ingredients with high heat quickly to trap all the goodness of them inside."said Tokyo food lover Taro Namekawa.

They serve sushi too, but the grilled meats and vegetables draw in young and old Japanese diners, especially workers on their way home. It also has the benefit of being near the Meguro River, one of Tokyo's most beautiful spots for flower watching. A meal there costs only about $30.



The most liveable city in Europe is also mentioned in this list. A meal of 3 appetizers, main dishes and desserts at the luxurious restaurant Nectari costs you only 60 USD.

By: Christina Baker

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