4 healthy foods to help your children grow lightning fast

Knowing that nutritious foods are beneficial for your baby's growth will help parents build the best menu for their children.



Eggs are considered a complete source of protein that contains essential amino acids. In addition, eggs also contain vitamin A and other important vitamins. Recently, a randomized controlled trial of 160 infants aged 6-9 months in Ecuador was conducted by Dr Laura LI, University of Washington, USA. Eggs per day for 6 months may support growth in children.

How many eggs can a baby eat a week?

- Infants 6-12 months old may use 1 egg yolk per day.

- Infants from 1 to 5 years old can take 1 egg per day.


Recommended egg processing:

- Overweight children should use boiled eggs. If you use fried eggs, you should use less than 50% of egg meals in the week.

- Low-birth-weight infants should consume more than 50% of their total egg meals per week.

- Children have normal growth, so parents can use fried eggs and boiled eggs, no order of preference.



Mackerel provides omega-3 fatty acids (DHA / EPA) that are suitable for brain development. Other types of fish included in this category are salmon, carp and eel.

In addition, mackerel is rich in calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin A. However, dried fish loses vitamin A during processing.

Recommended fish consumption:

Normally, 80-120 g of processed fish meat, 4 meals/week an provide enough omega-3 for the children’s growth

Lighter-weight babies can add 10-50 grams of fish meat to their normal meals three days a week and maintain for three months to support their growth.

Overweight or obese children are growing normally: There are no special instructions.

Moringa leaf


Moringa leaves are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and protein. According to Dr Michaelsen K., University of Copenhagen, Denmark, moringa leaf can be used in the menu to assist in the growth of children under 5 years old.

Recommended use of moringa leaves:

- A child's fist is the number of moringa leaves that can be consumed at a meal.

- On a bough, you should choose leaves from the middle to the top.

- You can prepare the soup by boiling or mincing on eggs or food.

- Children growing slowly, parents can take 2-3 days (2 meals per day) alternating week, use for 3-4 months.



In 100 g avocado contains 167 kcal, fat content (15.4 g) and protein (2 g). In 15.4 grams of fat, 2/3 is monounsaturated fat - the good fat for the growth of the baby. Dr Michaelsen K also added avocados to the list of healthy recipes for underweight children.

Recommended use of avocado:

You should use ripe avocado combining banana in the rider's diet. This is an effective energy support for low weight infants. Maintain this menu 4 days per week, continuously for 4 months.

By: Oralie Smith

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